Title Typesort icon Updated date
Grapple 1.3 App 2015 Mar 3 - 10:18am
Macromedia FreeHand 8.0.1 App 2020 Feb 6 - 3:29am
e-transcript viewer App 2013 Nov 14 - 11:39pm
MacDoc App 2015 Jun 29 - 12:35pm
Adobe FrameMaker 7.0 App 2020 Aug 8 - 2:40am
Claris Translators App 2011 Dec 6 - 4:16pm
GraphicConverter 6.5 Classic App 2020 Jul 13 - 9:21am
Startup Syringe App 2015 Nov 5 - 8:28am
Extensis Suitcase 10.1.1 + FontBook 3.5.2 App 2019 Apr 13 - 6:47am
Datafork Trimmer App 2013 Jun 22 - 9:05pm
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Hi xy. You had mentioned about iText 3.1.7 for older Mac OS X versions, & not being able to find a copy.

I've managed to track it down and have added it to the iText page. Cheers.


I just downloaded my file, burnt a new CD and successfully booted both a 1.5GHz G4 Aluminum and a 500 MHz Pismo. So either you didn't burn the CD correctly or you have hardware problems.

Are you sure you have a Pismo not a Lombard? They look the same but the Lombard has USB and SCSI while the Pismo has USB and Firewire. If they haven't been modified the Lombard say "Apple Powerbook G3" below the display while the Pismo just says "Powerbook".

To burn a Tiger CD.
Download to an OSX machine.
Decompress with OSX unzip (just double click unless you have changed the default application for ".zip" files).
DO NOT mount or double click the resultant .toast file.
Open Toast, drag the .toast file into the Toast window and hit the burn button.
Toast will automatically do an image burn.

When mounted the resultant disk should give the splash screen shown in the last image.


Recently, more and more Mac OS X apps have been uploaded. I suggest introducing an upload entry separate from classic entries since it is enervating if you search the ABC... entries an find so many Mac OS X apps instead of classic apps.

Mac OS X is Unix/BSD and not Mac OS.