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Winterlast joined us in July 13, 2009, and has been a member for 11 years 39 weeks.
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Hi, any chance you could take some screenshots of the BAKA mode in XAXA MACHINE? I can't get it to run.


Were you the one who cracked Déjà Vu from Rubicon Publishing a few days ago? I've spent a few hours poring over the code and I would absolutely love to learn how you did it.
Thank you for uploading it in any case.


Hi Winterlast,

I stumbled across your upload of the Japanese Mac version of Transport Tycoon yesterday. As the owner of a German fan website of the game at, this attracted my attention. Smile Do you own a physical copy of TT, including the box and manual? If yes, I'd be super excited about some box scans or photos to put them on my website! I'm basically collecting everything about TT, but this one is still missing in my collection...

I also came across some box scans of a version of the game for DOS/V in Japanese recently (see, but my efforts in finding a digital or physical copy were without success. Do you know anything about it?

Thanks for your time and with best regards,