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Newer Technology (various util.) App 2021 Feb 17 - 1:45am
Conflict Catcher 3 App 2021 Feb 14 - 5:25am
Claris FileMaker Pro 2.1 v3 App 2020 Dec 13 - 11:54pm
RAM Charger 3.0.1, 8.1 & OptiMem RC 2.1.x App 2020 Dec 6 - 2:32pm
WolfMaker Game 2020 Nov 20 - 7:02am
Sleeper 3.x App 2020 May 10 - 2:05am
Pyramad Game 2020 Apr 14 - 7:06am
Riven: The Sequel to Myst Game 2020 Mar 5 - 11:11am
RummyTile Game 2020 Jan 26 - 9:31pm
Claris BrushStrokes 1.0v1 App 2019 Oct 13 - 7:06pm
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Times have changed since the old days haven't they? We had modems where 7 MB of data would download in 2.5 hours. Many of the small utilities like Conflict Catcher were $59. Bombs were going off all the time in early System 7. But oh how I loved those days!

Thanks to the Macintoshgarden for helping me resurrect my old PPC 7100 and bringing it back better than ever! There's still a place in this world for old Mac games (and vintage Macs!) and beauty is, there is something for everyone.

I'm really pleased to be a part of this community with friendly and helpful people. I've always found that there's no better folks than Macintosh people, and I'm overjoyed to have found this new hobby.

Let's all do the best we can to make this wonderful garden grow!

~ Vito

Major Uploads:

- Apple 6100-7100-8100 PPC CD
- BrushStrokes
- Canvas
- Conflict Catcher
- RAM Doubler
- FileMaker Pro
- Key Fonts Pro
- F/A-18 KOREA
- Casino Master
- Dream Wars!
- MacProject Pro
- NewerTechnology
- Pyramad
- RAM Charger
- Riven
- SCSI Probe
- System 7.5 Update 2 CD
- TypeBook
- Uno
- MAFM, WAFV Workshop
- Hornet Strike Missions
- Rummy Tile
- Stuffit Deluxe 3.5
- Wolf Maker
- Word Juggler
- Various other manuals, and "repackaged" games/apps for a total of over 60 uploads (updated Nov, 2010)


Vito: Have you discovered the Earth is actually a cube and have fallen off the horizon's edge?

Have noticed a lack of your presence and have been missing your input a little... Cheers, hope that you are OK.

Avoid the turkey at this time of the year - too many additives Wink


Gotcha - He is sneaky with his alterations Wink However, being a wiki and all that... I'm surprised that no-one malicious has come along and done some real damage.


[update] According to Lowendmac: "The ATI Rage 128 is a PCI video card that works in a standard 33 MHz or Apple's accelerated 66 MHz PCI slot".

Also the 6500 is PCI 2.0 compliant, which means any 33 MHz PCI card with Mac drivers and ROM will work in your 6500. Some (old) facts and figures here. Getting somewhere?


You could put a bid in for that "ATI Rage 128 GL Apple PCI $2 shipping" listed in the eBay link I sent (about the only one listed without a "buy now" attached). You could get this for as little as $5 which isn't a huge outlay should it not be compatible. I've been looking for info as to whether or not this card would be compatible but its worse than the old proverbial "needle in a haystack" with Google at times.


Hi Vito. The on board ATI you have, would only have a max of 2MB vram (non-upgradeable). That you can play Falcon 4 on it seems to indicate that the play would improve with move vram. Heres a bunch of PCI cards on ebay right now. Prices range from $9 and up. The 32MB ATI Radeon for $19.99 looks really nice and would allow you to use a nice flat-screen too. But you would need to do the research as to whether this card would work in your 6500. There are a few 16MB Rage 128's here pulled from B/W G3's I would think and are a possibility... but again you will need to do some research as to their actual suitability. And beware of flashed PC cards parading as Mac.


Just checked my Rage 128 card (pulled from a B/W G3) it is short so this card would also fit into the 6500 case.

Cards to look for (most likely eBay, but try LEM swap and other avenues too)

Formac ProFormance III (or "3")
ATI Rage 128 PCI (Orion, Nexus, or VR)
Voodoo 3

Those three are similar specced and were current at the same time Falcon 4 was available for the Mac. So any one of them should do. The Rage 128 PCI's should be the most common and easiest to find I would think.

I think maybe that even with a fast vid card you will be pushing it to play this game (well) on the 6500. But you will be the judge of that Smile

I'm going to play the WWII flight game "IL-2 Sturmovik" when I think I've some free time to learn a "new" game - picked it up for $10 in a bargain bin. Looks to be a great game for the price.
It only runs on Windows tho' but oh well, sacrifices have to be made Wink


Falcon 4 huh? is the new 6500 your only option for playing this? I ask because PCI graphics cards and Mac is a gray area for me. Of the time (6500 and Falcon 4) The only PCI card I knew of worth considering was "Formac ProFormance II 80" and "Formac Proformance 3". There is also a PCI "ATI Rage Pro 128" which shipped in some of the early B/W G3 towers, a 16MB card, but I'm thinking this card may be too long to fit into the 6500 (another consideration here). The best advice I can give here is don't buy any card that's been converted from PC to Mac, only get an original for Macintosh card. Once bitten twice shy here Sad

Formac Proformance 3 looks good (further links to testing this on Falcon 4 here) Grab your 3D goggles and fly Laughing out loud


Good-o on the Kesington, let me know if you have issues with it.

You got the triple A holder. I went for AA instead, I guess it will be much of a muchness tho'. I've heard of some folks running the wire to the outside of the case and velcroing the pack to the outside back panel for even easier access to battery changes Wink


No probs, Vito. I hope they have it available for you and the site isn't as bad as their specs link Tongue
I saw ads for this ranging from $31 and down, but $6.50 is a bargain for sure.

Hope you got to see the rest of my post Re: the "3 x AA battery holder" links and info regarding those - also a real bargain Laughing out loud

Since using Kingston networking cards myself on PCI Macs, I prefer them to Belkins. I've found them to be very reliable. Something you need to do to get them working 100% tho' and that is you must disable the built-in Mac Ethernet drivers, as they conflict with the Kingston drivers and the cards don't start working until the Mac drivers are disabled.


A good 2nd hand Kingston 10/100 PCI card will likely be about the same price or even cheaper than a Comm slot II, 10 mbit card

For example: Here's a Kingston KNE110TX pCI card for sale at $6.50.

And the Mac drivers for it - Mac OS 9 and for 8.6 and earlier (110_31.HQX & 110_34.HQX).


Hi Vito. Even 10/100 speed ethernet will be 10 x faster for data transfers. don't discount the PCI route unless you really need the PCI slot for some other card. A good 2nd hand Kingston 10/100 PCI card will likely be about the same price or even cheaper than a Comm slot II, 10 mbit card.

I don't use my PPC running OS 9 for playing online games but I do use it to access the web and the Garden to even upload files with via ethernet, while using that Mac. A fast ethernet connection here is preferable to me.

I do have a Comm slot II ethernet card to spare. Caveat; its one with a BNC connection and not RJ45, so is likely not much use to anyone these days Sad

The manual you DL'd is it the User Manual or the Service Manual? (the latter is the useful one to have)

soldering a three pack together. That sounds like a winning ticket

Hmmm... I'll try to clarify. You don't solder a battery pack together, rather you cut the lead off from the 4.5 alkaline brick and solder that to the battery pack's terminal "Clip" - so don't throw the battery away just yet. The battery pack is just a holder to insert 3 AA batteries into.

There is a very good picture of the holder here. Scroll down the page until you see "3 x AA Battery Holder".

Then scroll to the bottom of the page to see the next item required, a "9V Battery Clip". Don't worry about the "9.v" bit its named as such because it was designed for the 9v battery originally. This clip is what you solder the 4.5v brick's lead to (so you can connect it to the battery pins on the 6500's motherboard and clip the battery holder onto for ease of use).

Anyway, those are the two items to buy - costs 50 cents. The picture of the 3 x holder is a good one and it is exactly what you need to get.


Mike, the 6500 has arrived and is working well Smile

Great news Vito! Have you looked inside the case yet? Any extras? e.g. a nice video card or fast ethernet or even a USB 1.1 card (for OS 8.5.1 - 9.2.2)? There is a comm slot for ethernet but this only supports 10 mbit speed IIRC, you can do better by using one of the PCI slots for ethernet.

Make sure it has the L2 cache card, very important, may've been optional but this model should have one (a 20% drop in performance without it), it could easily be pulled and used elsewhere - like into a similar Mac the seller may be maxing/keeping Wink

Do you have a service manual for this? I have one if you need it (PDF).

With a Mac I had that used the same motherboard. I ditched the "brick" battery with a cheap battery pack that took 3 x 1.5v AA's - needed to solder two wires and add some velcro to keep the pack secure but the result was a 90% saving in replacement costs.


no new avatar [...] my PPC 7100. I am married to it...

LOL Laughing out loud

Keep an eye on the clock battery in the 6500, Vito. They're a 4.5v alkaline brick. They last 1/4 as long as the 3.6v lithiums and cost twice the price.


Do we expect to see a new avitar soon, hmmm? Wink


Congratulations on the new 6500, Vito. You lucky $*%&$%$!!!!!! Laughing out loud
I have wanted one of these (even a 6400 would do) for I don't know how long. I hope to get one, one day too.


@Vito: Just noticed your "Jargon" msg in my guestbook.
I had been meaning to put this up for quite a while. I think your "Jargon" comment earlier had prompted me to finally get around to it Laughing out loud


Virex is uploaded, Vito

Fortuna Wave

Vitoarc, can you upload the 7.5.5 Update?

Fortuna Wave

Vitoarc, I've checked the new 6100-7100-8100 system CD v2.0 disc image that you uploaded and I've looked at the contents, it's untouched! Now I needed is the 7.5 Update 2.0 CD image to be uploaded.