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missing manual files Forum topic 2017 Jan 16 - 8:12pm
FM7 for OS 9 App 2016 Apr 3 - 4:23am
Bitheadz Unity ds-1 App 2016 Jan 3 - 8:39am
copying old 1.44mb floppy 'key auth' disks Forum topic 2015 Aug 18 - 10:34pm
any app capable of creating a raid STRIPE with g4 built in IDE ports on 9.22? Forum topic 2015 Apr 25 - 9:44am
how do i format just 1 partition + not the whole drive? Forum topic 2014 Oct 21 - 1:48am
centris/quadra 650 AAUI port missing.. can it be added? Forum topic 2014 Oct 11 - 9:21am
100% "supported" DVD drives for mac g4's Forum topic 2014 Oct 9 - 2:10pm
old DVD-RAM drives, are they usable to write to modern new DVD-RAM media? Forum topic 2014 Oct 5 - 1:06am
looking for apple software restore (ASR) v2.2.5 or later Forum topic 2014 Sep 22 - 8:09pm
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Hey, sorry for the two weeks late reply, I keep forgetting to chk my 'guestbook' for new msgs. Me, developer, no. I wrote for a BBS in 6502 assembler, know 68k assembler for amiga, know C and C++. I've used PowerMac G4 since 2000, still do, a silent & cold "MDD"(2003) with crazy overclocks. Most recently I wrote the AHT All-In-One menu (in Forth) and AHT bug fixes (in C) I uploaded here.

Mac OS with 9 & early X became so big and programmable that fooling around with doing OS mods feels like doing programming.


Thanks for the kind words, stay classy.