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MacFormat 01 (March/April 1993) Screengrab Patchwork App 2021 Apr 25 - 4:52am
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MacFormat 11 (April 1994) Magazine & Disk App 2021 Jan 29 - 3:10pm
MacFormat 23 (April 1995) App 2021 Jan 24 - 5:28pm
MacFormat 18 (Nov. 1994) Magazine & CD Game 2021 Jan 23 - 9:06am
MacFormat 25 (June 1995) Game 2020 Dec 23 - 7:18pm
MacFormat 02 (May/June 1993) magazine & disk App 2020 Dec 10 - 9:04pm
MacFormat 20 (Jan. 95) magazine Game 2020 Dec 7 - 5:31pm
MacFormat 24 (May 1995) Game 2020 Dec 6 - 9:07pm
soudesune joined us in December 19, 2009, and has been a member for 11 years 20 weeks.
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Hi soudesune, I've sent email your way. Check your spam bin for "Old MacFormat Mags" from MTT, if you don't see it in your in box.

Hi Mike,
Any more news on issues #38 & #64?


Are you still searching for these MF issues?

I have issues #38 and #64, if you need them.



Hmm.. hab dir eine E-Mail gesendet. Hast du die bekommen? Ging an die E-Mail, die hier beim Mac Garden registriert ist? Ich habe neben dem 6200er LogicBoard auch noch eines vom 8500 Power Mac. Das sollte auch noch funktionieren, aber ich kann nicht testen. Interesse? Bei deinem Fuhrpark an Macs brauchst du bestimmt die entsprechenden Ersatzteile und ich kann damit nichts anfangen Smile


danke für deine Antwort und mein Beileid zum sterben der PSU und des SCSI beim IIfx. Bei so einem Mac tut das schon weit mehr weh als bei irgendeinem Performa ...

Was machst du denn mit den ganzen Macs? Du musst ja nur noch am re-cappen und sauber machen sein, oder? Smile welcher wird denn auch aktiv eingesetzt?

Wegen der AV-Karte. Dafür brauche ich doch auch diesen Winkeladapter, oder? Und die AV-Karte hat ja nur einen S-Video Ausgang, wenn ich mich recht erinnere? Ich bräuchte halt etwas, um einen (VGA) Monitor dran anschließen zu können. Der 6100 hatte ja diesen seltsamen propietären Anschluss ... :-/


Not sure you read my msg, so posting it here again.

Gar kein Drama! Aus welchen Gründen auch immer beschloss Maedi kürzer zu treten. Glücklicherweise ließ er uns nicht mit sterben (wie das oft so ist) sondern übergab das Projekt rechtzeitig an fogwraith. Gute Entscheidung, weil foggy sehr bemüht ist und auch sehr zugänglich und kommunikativ (was wir nicht über jeden Admin des letzten Jahrzehnts sagen können, hm? ). Die ganze Serverarchitektur wurde sehr professionell aufgestellt und er betreut die Seite sehr aufmerksam. Ich bin froh, wie es jetzt ist und bin wieder begeistert mit dabei.

Wie geht es deinem Zimmer (Sammlung) ? Wer schickt dir denn jetzt das Zeug vom deutschen ebay zu oder wird nichts mehr eingekauft?

Sag mal, du hast nicht zufällig noch eine Grafikkarte für einen 6100, die du abzugeben hättest? Ich suche schon eine Weile, aber es ist nicht einfach, was zu finden ...


Cool to have you back, soudesune! Hope you still remember me? looking forward to reading from you. Mer gseht sich! Smile


Hello soudesune. Good to have you back.

Ask fogWraith. He is the one responsible for the Garden.

Cheers, mrdav


Hello soudesune!

If you have problems uploading Studio32 on this site, please send the files directly to me? Thank you! My email address is slomacuser at gmail dot com


Hi soudesune.

Studio/32? [Quietly] Put it up, its from 1990 and its not a game. Leave it to the top admins to decide its fate and slomacuser might be able to grab it before - if it gets removed. Do they still own the rights, anyway? Something that old may have gone back to the original creator and I'm assuming you cannot buy this software at all, right?

p.s. On the Mac Format front, my MDD is set up, I have Acrobat 9 and I have issues 16 to 21 scanned in. I just have to get started...

Cool. If you need any hints on how to collate your scans, ask. Tho my preferred Acrobat is version 4! on a classic Mac OS Tongue


Hi soudesune,
I have been living near the city of Constance for nearly 40 years. For several reasons, wife, cats and me moved 1000km north some time ago to a place at the Baltic sea.
Best of luck with your "new" MDD!
I always liked the Swiss towns and villages on the banks of lake Constance.


Hey hey,
haven't heard from you in a while! I hope you're doing fine? Let me know if you got some more stuff to forward Smile
Kind Regards, Bolkonskij


Thank you, soudesune. I look forward to receiving them.


  Issue 8 of MacFormat is up. I'm going to give the magazines a rest for a while and start on manuals for games.

Many thanks for the #8 issue, soudesune. This reunites me with the 1st ever Mac magazine I ever purchased and I am amazed that I can see these pages again. Thank you so much for doing this.

I've been very busy lately with various projects and Christmas is practically at the doorstep, so I can also understand that you might have to put things old hold for a bit.

Cheers, Mike.


Issue 8 - Plus floppies attached. Wow! - No rush to do the jpeg's, soudesune, when you can do them is fine. I'm looking forward to seeing them arrive here all the same. Thanks for the good news.


Hi soude, Issue 14 PDF is finished at long last. Hope you like it.


Hi there soudesune. The - FoxBASE+ (1989) at the MG, predates Microsoft's acquisition of it by a few years. Its a very early version of this software and the MF review for Microsoft's FoxPro (1994) is really for a much updated Microsoft software. So I'm thinking this review is misplaced in this setting.

Curiously we don't have FoxPro by itself at the MG (there should be a page for it). Although it is located as part of a collection in the "Microsoft Select Application Pool".

Having MF review pages with the software archived here tho' I think is an excellent idea. Thanks for doing this.

Cheers, Mike.


Hi soudesune: Sorry for the delay on issue 14's PDF, I'm doing something a little different for this one, but it is on the way to completion and perhaps another couple of days before it surfaces.

Thanks for the 15 scans. Curious to know why you call MacFormat "Mac Format" tho'... Smile

Not so good to hear there's no #8 issue in sight. No problems with the purchase I hope?


Hi soudesune: Nice scans with issue 14.

One small problem with it is jpegs 011 to 039 were not trimmed (29 jpegs in all) and 116 was not rotated (upside down).

None of these are too much to deal with, as I'm able to trim & rotate pics for the PDF OK.

Have you received issue #8?

Cheers, MTT


Hi soudesune: Great to see 14 is up. Its a bit too late now in my neck of the woods to look at it closely but will do so tomorrow. Thanks.


Thanks for that. Issue 12 (PDF) will be up by tomorrow. About issue 13; Indeed. I think this will be the "Holy Grail" of MF issues to acquire (& issue #01) - Especially if 13 has the CD_ROM included Smile

Congrats on acquiring issue #08. This was the 1st MF issue I purchased, back in the day. I no longer have it, so it'll be a good nostalgia visit for me.

Very good scans, soudesune. It must be a nice scanner you have at work. Its sharp, no moire showing and very good colour reproduction.