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Mac Magazin CD 25 (November 1996, German) App 2020 Mar 17 - 5:53pm
Adaptec DirectCD App 2020 May 3 - 9:49pm
GraphicConverter 1.x App 2020 Jul 13 - 9:03am
7.6.1 RAM Disk Fix App 2020 Apr 23 - 6:09pm
PC Tools Deluxe App 2020 Jul 12 - 8:41pm
Macworld France (Magazine CD Collection) App 2019 Aug 15 - 8:14pm
Kai's Photo Soap App 2020 Feb 18 - 4:47am
Mac Magazin CD 27 (January 1997, German) App 2020 Mar 13 - 2:39pm
AccountsAuditor (68K and PPC) App 2020 May 2 - 8:25pm
LaCie Storage Utilities CD-ROM (2004) App 2019 Jul 8 - 5:17pm
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Hi, my name is Franky...


Hi Franky, if this reaches you OK, your mailing address has been updated, as per request.

Cheers, Mike.


Hi Franky.

I sent mail, so check your spam bins if it hasn't turned up.



Hello Franky.

All is well with you, I hope. As I have missed your presence and input at the MG of late.

Anyway I hope that you're off somewhere exciting or bogged down with a job (heaven's forbid) and are just too busy having a good time to drop by and that all is cool in your neck of the woods.

Take care.


Thank you for helping me!