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Hobby programmer working on various projects related to Macintosh emulation


I got your message on my guestbook but the discord link had expired. can you email me at don@dgb3.net and then delete this guestbook entry? Thanks.


Hey there, I have responded to a few of your "Calling all hackers" posts. You indicated that you need another assistant to be trained. I am more than willing since I have been plugging along against these "PACE" protections myself.

I have built myself a hex decrypter for the encrypted portions of code that they typically place in the first "Code" section of these programs. This way I was hoping to further study what it was doing. The only problem being that sometimes they hide the key by nerfing the debugger before I get to see it. But that isn't always the case.

Hello and welcome! I'd like to continue the discussion in a less public place. Would you mind to join the dedicated Discord server? https://discord.gg/jfGVr3