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Hello, all, and welcome to my profile/guestbook page. I've had an interest in "classic" Macs since I was quite young, when I received my parents' 2003 eMac G4/1GHz as a hand-me-down after they got an early-2009 iMac as a replacement. (Side note: They're still using that iMac, even though it's slow as all hell on OS X "El Capitan" with only 2 GB of RAM Tongue ) Since then, I've had quite a collection of Mac models pass through my hands; of course, some of them got pretty well broken after a while, but I had fun with 'em while they still worked.

Here's a (not-so-quick) list of my history with "classic" (and Intel) Macs, for those who want to take the time to read it. Tongue

My current Macs:
-- iBook G4/1.07GHz (12-inch, early 2004)

Macs I've owned previously:
-- iBook G4/1.33GHz (12-inch, mid-2005)
-- PowerBook G3/333MHz "Lombard"
-- Xserve G5/2.3GHz DP
-- Macintosh PowerBook 165c/33MHz
-- MacBook Pro 13-inch (mid-2012, 2.5 GHz Intel Core i5)
-- PowerBook G3/500 "Pismo"
-- iBook G3/500 (mid-2001, "Snow")
-- Mac Server G4/933MHz "Quicksilver"
-- PowerBook G4/1.67GHz 17-inch "Aluminum"
-- iBook G3/466 SE "Key Lime"
-- Macintosh LC III
-- Macintosh PowerBook 160
-- Macintosh PowerBook 1400cs/117
-- iBook G3/300 "Tangerine"
-- iMac G3/450 DV+ "Indigo"
-- PowerBook G4/867 15-inch "Titanium"
-- eMac G4/1GHz "SuperDrive"
-- MacBook (white polycarbonate, late-2006)
-- MacBook (black polycarbonate, mid-2007 / "Santa Rosa" chipset)
-- MacBook Pro 15-inch ("pre-unibody", mid/late-2007 / "Santa Rosa" chipset)
-- Mac Mini G4/1.42GHz (mid-2005)
-- Mac Mini (Intel, ~2009)

"Classic" Mac OS and Mac OS X versions I've used and/or messed with in the past (in order from oldest to newest, and with associated machines/emulators in parentheses):
-- 6.0.8 (emulated, Mini vMac)
-- 7.0.1 (emulated, Mini vMac)
-- 7.1 (PowerBook 160, PowerBook 165c, Macintosh LC III; emulated, Mini vMac)
-- 7.5.x (PowerBook 1400cs; emulated, Mini vMac)
-- 8.0 (PowerBook 1400cs; emulated, BasiliskII & SheepShaver)
-- 8.5.x (emulated, SheepShaver)
-- 8.6 (PowerBook 1400cs; PowerBook G3/333; emulated, SheepShaver)
-- 9.0.x (iBook G3/300, iBook G3/466, iMac G3/450 DV+; emulated, SheepShaver)
-- 9.1 (iMac G3/450 DV+)
-- 9.2.x (iMac G3/450 DV+, iBook G3/300, iBook G3/466, PowerBook G4/867 15-inch, PowerBook G3/333, PowerBook G3/500, iBook G3/500; emulated, QEMU)
-- 10.0.x (iBook G3/500, PowerBook G3/333)
-- 10.1.x (iBook G3/500, PowerBook G3/333)
-- 10.2.x (iBook G3/500, PowerBook G3/333)
-- 10.3.x (iBook G4/1.07GHz)
-- 10.4.x (PowerBook G3/500, iBook G4/1.07GHz, iBook G4/1.33GHz, Mac Mini G4/1.42GHz)
-- And almost every other major release from 10.5 up through 10.14, on various machines.

Kind of an exhaustive list, but I wanted to put it in here anyway, and I will update it every now and then as my "inventory" changes. Thanks for reading Smile



Hi there. Are you still ok on sharing your medias with me? The shared folder is still open and ready to accept more CD/DVD dumps.

I left there an updated version of my catalog. You can e-mail me (semvalidade2006@gmail.com) if you want to swap some media dumps.

If I can find the bandwidth I could probably upload a couple of them... I'll do that as soon as possible.


Hi. I am after the Leopard Server media(s). If your offer still stands, I want a copy of this DVD. Can you include a photograph of the DVD media and/or case?

Not just this particular media, but any other Apple media (DVD,CD,FD) you have I will be very happy to have a copy of it.

I have this shared folder set-up for file transfer.


On very same folder you will find a file called Apple_PN.txt which contains a list of all Apple medias I already have and some medias that I am after.

I'll try to take some pics of the disc and upload them, although I don't have a box or anything of that sort. However, uploading disc images is another matter. My wi-fi is unfortunately data-limited at 20 gigabytes per month, both upload and download combined. If I tried to upload a DVD disc image, it'd probably use up 4.7 to 8.5 gigs of that all at once (in other words, the same as a DVD's capacity), and that's something I can't do. My ISP charges about $10 USD extra for every gigabyte over the limit, and I can't afford that. (Unfortunately I can't afford anything better either. :-/ )

On the positive side, though, I also have the "Administrative Tools" DVD for the same version; I could probably send pics of that as well.

I have a copy of pretty much every OS X version up to Leopard, although some are machine-specific; for example, I have a set of Tiger DVDs, but they're for the Mac Mini G4/1.42 and won't install on anything else (I did try them on an iBook G3/700, it didn't work).

My disc collection:

-- OS X:

- v10.0.3 retail
- v10.1 retail upgrade (requires pre-existing 10.0.x system)
- v10.1.3 retail
- 2 copies of v10.2 retail (2 CDs each set)
- v10.3.4 Server retail (including Administrative Tools CD)
- v10.4 for Mac Mini G4/1.42 (DVD)
- v10.5 Server retail (DVD)

-- OS 9 and earlier:

- Mac OS 8.0 retail (CD)
- System 7.5.5 for Power Computing PPC Mac clone (CD)
- System 7.1 (custom-compiled boot disk for PowerBook 160) (1.44 MB, 3.5-inch floppy)

I could make images of most of these; there are a couple that I already have images of, although in the case of 10.1.3, I don't know whether the image works for booting a machine. I could possibly upload something as long as it's a single CD image and not multiple images or a DVD image.