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La Máquina de Hacer Tareas II Game 2020 Sep 9 - 12:33am
VivoActive Player App 2020 Aug 16 - 1:35am
Cornica Early Source Archive App 2020 May 7 - 5:22am
Apple DVD Player 2.7 App 2020 May 7 - 5:11am
Wildbits' Data Rescue App 2020 Mar 8 - 11:32pm
Opera Browser 6.03 App 2020 Jan 3 - 8:02pm
Sorenson Video 3 App 2019 Nov 13 - 7:08am
Yamaha SoundVQ Suite App 2019 Jul 21 - 12:18am
Palm OS Emulator App 2019 Feb 27 - 12:16am
Hamsterland 2 - Time Machine Game 2019 Feb 25 - 8:04am
Nicolas Bahamondes joined us in June 16, 2011, and has been a member for 9 years 44 weeks.
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In former times I used to be an active member of this website, always looking for the preservation of the Macintosh culture, especially all software made in Chile. Oh, gosh, those were good old times. Those were times where I was younger and naive.

Back in 2012-2013, I created Cornica, a website that hosted several videos optimized for web playback on Mac OS 9 devices. My vision about this idea was great, but expectations were sweeter than the reality I faced. My lack of programming skills led me to leave this website into development hell. I can't deny that I failed to the Macintosh Garden community on my goal, that may explain why everybody here are upset with me. I can't blame them, they are on their right to do so.

Fortunately, Blonkonskij took the concept of Cornica and he did a work I wasn't able to do back in those times. I am completely happy about him, and I wish him the best luck of the world.

So, what am I doing right now? To be honest, I drew, read a lot, lived my life beyond the constraints of a computer screen, and much more. Looking for the meaning of life through personal experiences is the never-ending task I carry on.

If someone asks me where can I be found, please tell them I belong to the blue skies, where the sea gives high fives. As a side project, I am working at

Big hugs from Chile,



Nicolas, did you get my two e-mails? Just want to make sure they did not end up in the spam folder since I haven't heard from you.


Nicolas, would you be interested in re-creating Cornica if I'd help you with all the HTML stuff ? (see my current forums post about building up a vibrant MacOS community). Any chance you could get me the word file? Any way to do the conversion on MacOS(X) ?

I would give you the entire source files of the website as far as it was being modified for a failed return. Please write me for more information. My mail is abarcabahamondes {at] gmail .com


Awesome you're still around! Say, you were the creative mind behind Cornica, weren't you? I think I remember you had a way to convert modern videos into Quicktime movies that would play very well on classic MacOS?

Of course I am still in the net Wink Instagram & DeviantArt: @nicolasbahamondes
It used to be great old times, I was a younger spirit the year Cornica was created. If weren't by my horrible HTML skills, I'd made the site become bigger Sad
The instructions for creating Mac OS Classic videos were documented in a Word file. In Windows, it is recommendable to install the professional version of Sorenson Video 3 in order to make compatible files.


Nicolas, are you still around? Drop me line if you are, please Smile

Hey Smile

Nicolas here. Currently present, albeit passively, on Macintosh Garden. The only reason I wasn't able to be active is because the issue I have when I upload Spanish ISO files in the Upload form. Another user helped me on uploading Matemágica and The Journey of Life (carrier through my Internet Archive account).

- Nicolas


Howdy Sir: Since the nice, new version of Seagull is so tough to get ahold of, wrote this - might do what you want also:


SevenDusted again

Dang! Its one to watch for alright. Glad to hear you were able to detect it & (hopefully) clean it up successfully.

Cheers, Mike.


Hello Nicolas: I saw your recent post about getting the 666 virus. Sorry to hear this. I had posted warnings in the Logic Audio pages and others. I also cleaned the infected files.
However I had noticed that you had DL'd this before I got to clean them up and I suspected there was a good chance you would be hit.

My recommendation is that you run Virex 6.1 from the MG (with the 2007 defs). This is very good at eradicating this nuisance. It is a nuisance as I was hit with it a couple of years back, too, and noticed that it spreads to each program you start up while it is active, increasing the infection. I was able to clean it out successfully but it took Virex & the 2007 defs to do the task completely.

All the best, Mike.


Very sorry, I didn't get this message. I am emailing you an sit of the 2.0 Seagull with the unlock key that worked for me.


Nicolas: I found out that most of the codes for Seagull player work great on version 2.0. Email me if you need a link to it - found one in Germany. Works great, just lacks the small controller window, but otherwise very good.


Yep. I'm interested in a copy of the Seagull Player. Please send me. Smile