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reFlash - Another way to have fun with old Macs Forum topic 2021 May 8 - 5:47am
Snow Leopard for PowerPC G5 App 2021 Apr 20 - 4:51am
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AquaWeb / AquaVid App 2021 Apr 11 - 9:25pm
Perian App 2021 Mar 31 - 6:21pm
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iPartition App 2021 Feb 21 - 1:36am
TenFourFoxPEP - For A Faster TenFourFox App 2021 Jan 20 - 3:10am
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Hey z970, just wanted to leave a "thank you" for the kind words on Cornica and linking to it in your thread on background music. (unfortunately, can't help you out on this one) As I'm writing this, I'm uploading two dozen new movie trailers to Cornica Smile

It's no problem, Bolkonskij. At this point, I assumed that it was already a staple in all of our vintage Mac flows, so it was really no big deal.

I should be honest however; I've been discouraged from uploading YouTube videos to Cornica because gaining the original uploader's (who is usually never the original video's creator either, so they don't actually hold the rights themselves unless they personally filmed and edited everything in the modern day) permission to reupload a video elsewhere can sometimes be a very difficult task to accomplish as they are often unavailable, YouTube has no DM feature, and if uploading old promotional videos / commercials / feature videos / etc., I find outright unnecessary for the purposes and capabilities of our exclusive little niche.

I also still think that Cornica has tremendous potential, and can be a resource for both old Macs and PCs. If all of the MOV files cannot be converted to MP4, then I think that there should at least be a guide of sorts for getting Firefox or IE or Netscape to play back the MOV files, even if in a separate video player, which I could perhaps even pursue for you and write something up if you posted it. Afterward, the added videos to Cornica pertaining to PCs (and maybe UNIX workstations too) would be mostly trivial, and if we reconsidered the above point as well, I would be happy to provide a large chunk of.

Anyway, just a little constructive criticism for you. Personally, I always found that CC eventually improved my own projects, so I thought you might feel the same ...

But whatever the case, thank you for reviving Cornica and doing all else that you do! Smile


You sent me an email? To what address?
I didn't receive anything.