Title Type Updated datesort icon
Expressionist 1.x App 2020 Dec 20 - 1:00pm
Flash ROM Utility App 2020 Oct 26 - 10:54pm
PMGR Test Tool App 2020 Oct 26 - 10:52pm
Org Plus 1.0 App 2020 Oct 26 - 10:52pm
GetSmart II App 2020 Oct 26 - 10:52pm
Who Am I? App 2020 Oct 26 - 10:51pm
ThruPut App 2020 Oct 24 - 12:33pm
ChalkTalk Game 2020 Jul 8 - 12:51pm
Sparrow (雀坊) Game 2020 Jul 6 - 11:22pm
DiskStatus App 2020 Jul 4 - 12:10am
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Hi! I am a long time collector.

IIe Enh., IIc, IIgs ROM3, Plus ('030), SE, SE dual FDD+Radius 16 accelerator, SE FDHD, SE/30, Classic, Classic II x2, LC x3, LC II, LC III, P460, LC 475, LC 575, P630, CC, II x2, IIcx, IIci x3 (1 PowerCache, 1 Turbo040), IIsi, PB 100 x3, 150, 160, 165c x2, 170, 180 x4, 180c x3, 520c, 540, 540c, 540c PPC, 1400c, 1400cs, 2300c, 2400c/180 x3, 2400c/180+G3 x2, 2400c/240, 3400c, 4400, 5500, 6360, 6500, Duo Dock, 7100, 7300, 7500, 7600, Daystar MP, G3Des, G3Tower, G3Kanga x2, iBook 366, MB '08, MBA '13, MBP15


Loving all the obscure, industry-specific apps you've adding to the Garden. ☺️


well, original media is the ultimate goal of preservation! But better a good backup than losing a software forever. Especially a lot of 80s Macintosh software is missing from here, there's a lot that's probably somewhere on shelves and basement boxes slowly deteriorating :-/ ... so kudos to anyone actually helping to preserve those exciting years of Macintosh history!


Just wanted to leave a "Thank you" for uploading the old apps to the Garden. They are great additions and I'll surely give them a test ride on my Mac SE - thumbs up! Smile