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Hey magjor!

I actually stopped converting to PDF and simply downloaded the DocMaker files and read them on my 8600. Kind of the way they were supposed to be read, you know, with pictures that link to other stuff when clicked upon etc.

I'd advise you to do the same. Setup an emulator on your Win10 PC and download the files from the Garden from within the emulated Mac OS (yes, Netscape 4 plays fine with the Mac Garden).

Even better yet, get yourself a beige PowerPC Macintosh from the mid 90's and enjoy reading on authentic hardware. You'll anyway want to get one (again) after reading in IMG Wink

Thanks for the reply! I'd love to get my hands on an old PowerPC, but I'll try the emulator route for now. Smile That's a good point about the links, etc.

(I still think it would be valuable to have the old editions in a more portable format for posterity/archiving, so maybe I'll try my hand at converting some of the issues to PDF down the road).