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touchMe App 2021 Mar 15 - 9:32pm
Microsoft Word 4.0 Dutch (NL) App 2020 Jul 22 - 4:18pm
Microsoft Word 5.1a Dutch (NL) App 2020 Jul 22 - 2:01pm
Icon Archiver App 2020 Jun 3 - 10:41pm
MacUSA App 2020 Mar 11 - 8:53pm
Work Faker App 2020 Mar 10 - 12:54am
MacNiels joined us in January 10, 2020, and has been a member for 1 year 13 weeks.
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Welcome on board, MacNiels Smile thanks for salvaging MovieWorks; I'm sure you'll bring much more to the table moving forward, which is most welcomed and appreciated!


Howdee Mac-fellows!

I'm Niels, from the Netherlands, and a Mac user since the early nineties (yes, I'm that old!). My first Mac was a Classic II, which I still have.

Over time, I obtained a lot of Macs, mainly because of my job as engineer at an Apple Support/Repair centre during the late nineties. Unfortunately, due to space restraints, I had to sell off some machines I regret: the IIfx, SE/30 and Quadra 950 in particular.

I've recently moved and got my Macs out of storage. I'm now in the process of fixing and restoring them where necessary (caps etc) and put them back into life. I was delighted to see many still work.

I also have piles of software which I'm currently sorting out. We're talking about 70 CD ROMs with various software, a painstaking process! Once that is done, I will upload the more interesting stuff to the Garden. In the meantime, I occasionally edit some existing pages (adding screenshots, system requirements, etc) while I'm testing the software on real hardware.

So, a heap of software is to come, stay tuned!