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68k version of QXP4 Passport Forum topic 2017 Jan 13 - 7:53pm
Absolute min. list of fonts for System font folder? Forum topic 2017 Jan 16 - 11:18am
Adobe Framemaker 5.x uninstallable on Basilisk II? Forum topic 2018 Sep 8 - 11:11pm
Adobe Photoshop 4 and Clone Stamp /w Aligned Layers Forum topic 2018 Jul 17 - 7:55pm
Adobe Products for 68k Forum topic 2017 Mar 9 - 6:04pm
Any good password manager for 68k MacOS? Forum topic 2020 May 25 - 6:45pm
Any more recent (color) version of Magnetic Scrolls games for 68k? Forum topic 2017 Jan 5 - 9:05am
Apple Script command to change screen color and/or resolution? Forum topic 2018 Aug 17 - 11:52pm
Artlantis Registration Info? Forum topic 2019 Dec 22 - 1:25pm
Backup + Keystroke + Folder Sync App 2020 Jun 17 - 2:39am
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m68k'ed and loving it

PS: Steve Jobs had Syrian ancestors and I for one love to rub shoulders with coders from all walks of live.
Nobody should be discriminated against based on their faith or ethnic origin!


Everything is alright, that post was about the Word 6 template image I made for you some time ago (remember?). Feel free to delete it Smile

Ah yes I downloaded that - thank you!
But I ended up using Spell Catcher instead as for some bizarre reason, MS-Word just won't accept the German dictionary that its in the image (or in my install files). Spell Catcher has some other nice add-ons, like shortcuts and multiple dictionaries, so its a decent compromise for me.


Hey there Mr. residing in Memory Lane 32 Smile
Don't know if you got my e-mail sent through the Garden (might have ended up in the spam bin) - did you successfully download the image?