Lauri joined us in September 4, 2020, and has been a member for 35 weeks 1 day.
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I always loved the MacIntosh. Back in 1986 -- I think -- when people upgraded from 128k and Fat Macs to Plus, we poor college students had a chance to buy sets of left-over motherboards and keyboards. I ripped the guts out of my good old Commodore Pet which just had died, threw in the Fat Mac stuff, made a small adapter so that the Pet screen could understand Mac video signals -- lo and behold, made-it-almost-yourself Mac, which I used for many years. Haha!

Later on, after getting excited about emulation, I had a chance to participate in various projects. Cliff's Executor, vMac, HFVExplorer, Basilisk II and various lesser known small helper programs... all those memories came back to me now. Good old times!



Hello Lauri. I can't say that I've ever come across a Jim Watters before. Actually, the MG is as close to "social media" as I've ever been (I also detest FB etc) and this has been my first foray into web forums. I never was one for chat "back in the day" either, finding the "slowness" of this forum much more to my liking and current speed of life Wink

Anyway, stay warm and be healthy. I do hope that you are feeling better since your hospital visit.

- Mike


Hello Lauri.

How I was so surprised and so glad to see you posting here. I have been such a huge fan of your Basilisk II port and HFVExplorer since before build 142. And I have consistently used build 142 for all of these years since, It has never let me down for what I have needed it to do. HFVExplorer is also indispensable for me. There isn't any software on Windows that comes close to what it does.

Both of these programs I will continue using for as long as I have a working Windows box to to run them in. They are simply that good and essential to my interests in classic Mac OS and software.

This is just a small measure of how important your Basilisk II port is to me and how much joy that it has given me for all of this time since you gave it to us all.

I wish you all the best, Lauri. Thank you. - Mike

Oh, only now I realized that I forgot to reply to your gracious comment. The one thing I wonder: did you ever know Jim Watters from the "old" forums? You remind me of him. Always friendly and willing to help others. Someone said that he is on FB; but I hate that thing, maybe I will find some other way to contact him Smile I'm not in a hurry.