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Intellivision Rocks! Game 2020 Oct 27 - 6:14pm
Squeak Smalltalk App 2020 Oct 25 - 9:50pm
Tamagotchi CD-ROM App 2020 Oct 25 - 6:20pm
After Dark - Tamagotchi App 2020 Oct 25 - 6:19pm
MagicEngine App 2020 Oct 23 - 10:52pm
Anyone have Intellivision Rocks? Forum topic 2020 Oct 21 - 4:27pm
Bubblegum Crisis - The Screen Saver App 2020 Oct 21 - 2:37am
BeOS Developer Release 8.2 for Power Mac App 2020 Sep 5 - 9:11pm
Mario Teaches Typing (Enhanced CD-ROM) Game 2020 Jul 10 - 10:00am
Intellivision Lives! Game 2020 Jun 13 - 6:05pm
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Hello! You posted a comment about a year ago asking if anyone has the disks for Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade: The Graphic Adventure. I do! I'm happy to make a DC42 image… I don't know what that is yet though so if you would please link me to an explainer for that and instructions on how to make those files I'll be happy to do so and upload them.


Could you help me to set up Smalltalk-80 please?