Title Type Updated datesort icon
Adobe Font Folio 9 App 2021 May 9 - 2:49am
Apple Ethernet LC Twisted-Pair Card App 2021 Apr 7 - 4:17am
Claris MacWrite App 2021 Mar 28 - 1:31am
A Musical Odyssey (Enhanced Audio CD) App 2021 Mar 24 - 3:00pm
MacInTax 1998 App 2021 Mar 24 - 6:00am
Full Impact App 2021 Mar 22 - 8:34pm
Advanced User Techniques App 2021 Mar 22 - 3:01am
Macintosh Troubleshooting App 2021 Mar 21 - 2:55pm
Web Publishers' Toolbox App 2021 Mar 20 - 7:22am
Publishing Series Product Demo App 2021 Mar 20 - 2:36am
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Thank you for all of your additions to this archive (past, present and future). They are all of such a high quality and your scans/screenshot are exceptional. Best of all (for me) your additions are 99.9% about subjects that interest me personally. Excellent stuff. Thank you.


Do you have a LegendsWorld account?


Thanks for your excellent uploads and efforts to preserve Mac history. Much appreciated!