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"This software runs on Macintosh and Lisa" Forum topic 2019 Oct 18 - 2:14am
Advancing Java on Tiger & Leopard Forum topic 2019 Aug 28 - 5:57am
AGP Mac GPU with support for LESS than 256 Colors? Forum topic 2020 May 7 - 11:32pm
Alchemy (word ladder) App 2019 Dec 29 - 3:46pm
AltiVec Emulator App 2019 Dec 21 - 6:58am
AppCleaner 1.2.2 App 2019 Jul 26 - 3:49am
Apple WWDC 2002 Conference Sessions App 2021 Mar 24 - 6:47am
ATI X1900 Driver for Power Mac G5 Late 2005 (PCIe) App 2021 Mar 21 - 4:09am
Can't upload a specific .dmg or .zip file on a specific page Forum topic 2019 Sep 28 - 8:04pm
DisAsm - C Tool? Forum topic 2020 May 15 - 8:54am
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Ready for PowerPC upgrade

De-bullshitting Mac OS current TO DO list:

- Make an OS-X-ZIP-format decompressor;
- Make a real, pre-locked DMG mounter (and potentially other formats);
- Add real Copy+Cut+Paste to the Contextual Menu (properly, that is);
- Add "lock" / "unlock" to the Contextual Menu (see if there's a better way than Trygve's);
- Add "Create Text File" to the Contextual Menu;
- Fix the Finder to handle HFS+ long filenames, and not be limited by HFS' 31-character limit (check OS923/OS93 for progress?) on HFS+ partitions;
- Add MFS read/write support, both for virtual and physical mediums.

Notes to self:

For DMG help, consult the ever-so-great Google, plus:
- 7-Zip source;
- PeaZip source;
- VileFault (for handling encryption).

For MFS help, consult MFSLives source code. If intending to port the code, develop it further to also allow writing to MFS volumes first.


Hey Jatoba - I wanted to share this realmz facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1953636678209720/. If you're not already a member you should join!


Just wanna say I love your profile pic and always have Smile

Are the characters from anything specific?

They are Mac counterparts to what some call "OS-tan". Smile


oops, didn't get but know exactly why: user-error, lol.. I misspelled my own email addy domain, it's gishpuppy, not gishppupy; I put the double 'p's in the wrong spot, duh! Sad


Hi Jatoba!

I have a reserve of banned k schemes, but I've only shared them privately for now. If you have dropbox, I can send those to you from my account. If you're only trying to complete the apple-banned collection, I most likely can help with that. Now if you're looking to skin your whole OS to look like X, then I have some stuff to do that very nicely as well, just let me know. You can send me a msg to cbone Atgishppupy d0tc0m.. sometimes I wish MG had PMs, lol! Smile

Thanks! I sent you an e-mail. Smile


I was just interested in seeing the full list of software so I could add the compilation to Moby Games!

I see! In that case, what I have reveals that. I'll take pictures of the CD cases and upload them here in the next upcoming days. Smile


Hi, Jatoba. Would you be willing to add a scan or photo of the back of the MacCubed³ package?

Many thanks!

Hi, liliputian, sorry for the late reply. (I should check back here more often.)

All I have under my possession is the front and back covers of each individual CD case, but not of the big package that held them all together. (I sourced the front cover of that from elsewhere online.)

Would those be of interest, as well? Or is it exclusively the back of the big package that you wanted? (With the latter, I can't be of help. Sad)


OH... WOW !!!
I had been working from the Github sources and thought the repo here was the same...
To my great pleasure, I was very wrong Smile

Please disregard previous message.

Have you built anything with SK8 yet?
Do you plan to?


Oh! Sorry for the delay, I didn't notice there were messages here before. I haven't used SK8 yet, but I do plan to get better acquainted with it in a somewhat distant future. It seems very promising, so I look forward to it.


Since you posted about Sk8, I was wondering if you knew where to find MCL 3.1 or 4.0 which are recommended for SK8. I have yet to get any version of MCL working at all.
Have you??
Were you able to run SK8?