Title Typesort icon Updated date
Seashore App 2020 Jul 13 - 12:07am
Scribus App 2020 Jul 12 - 3:38am
Drawit App 2020 Jul 12 - 3:39am
Clock & CPU Monitor App 2020 Jul 12 - 1:23pm
XBMC App 2020 Jul 13 - 2:21am
VoodooPad 2 App 2020 Jul 13 - 12:55am
Camtasia App 2020 Jul 14 - 11:49am
SousChef App 2020 Jul 13 - 12:26am
SecureFiles App 2020 Jul 12 - 3:37am
Pro App Bundle App 2020 Jul 11 - 3:32pm
ilikemacsalot joined us in July 11, 2020, and has been a member for 43 weeks 2 days.
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Please don't create WIKI pages when you want to request something. These will be removed as a matter of course when admins come across them.

Instead, click the FORUM link at the top of any page. Choose an appropriate Forum and create your request or comments in there. Thanks.


Also I have moved the upload on your BetterZip page to the preexisting BetterZip page. BTW your version was 1.3.1 not 1.4.1


I have deleted your Vox page as we already have a page for Vox that contains the version you uploaded


Hi ilikemacsalot. Welcome to Macintosh Garden and thank you for your uploads. However, your page for World of Goo has been removed because the intel version is still for sale. Note that we already have an existing page for the PPC version (PPC is OK in this case). Finally, before you upload, can you please check for existing pages first and always put games on a Games page rather than an App page. Thanks again.