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UltraDice Game 2021 Apr 27 - 4:05am
MacTriv Game 2021 Apr 27 - 3:07am
Wolves in the Woods Game 2021 Apr 26 - 7:15pm
Strip Jack (demo) Game 2021 Apr 26 - 6:46pm
Tarot Game 2021 Apr 26 - 6:27pm
Strip-Lady Game 2021 Apr 25 - 9:22pm
Supra Invaders Game 2021 Apr 25 - 7:34pm
Roque'n'Mat Game 2021 Apr 25 - 7:18pm
SIXLET Game 2021 Apr 25 - 7:09pm
Médas Game 2021 Apr 25 - 5:42pm
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hi there... any interested in cracking Opcode Vision 2.0.8? Smile (version 2.0.8 is not on Macintosh Garden as i write this)

many thanks...


Gael, thanks for your contributions to the Garden! It's great to see someone else having a heart for the 80s Mac classics Wink I see you added screenshots for the super-rare Gateway feelies. You don't happen to own a boxed copy and could make a scan of the documents? As you may know, they are required at some point in the game ... it'd be highly appreciated!