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Just G4 Ibook user


My bad, i missed a " in the link. As a result, it wouldn't display the hyperlink. Try now please.


Now that is cool to know! I wasn't aware of GameRanger still being operational. From the back of my head I thought I had read that it stopped working at one point. Any specific version to get for 10.4.11 ?

Also, I may have the no-cd that didn't work for you but I packed everything I have into this zip here. Give it a try, maybe you can get it to work.

GameRanger can be downloaded from the official site and receive auto-updates later:

I did not understand a bit where to look for the file:
"Give it a try, maybe you can get it to work."
Thanks in advance


Hey headpain,

seeing that you add GameRanger support to the various game pages - does it still work or is it for historical reasons only? (can't test it atm)

Also - I think I have a No-CD for Neverwinter Nights. I haven't tried it out yet though. Comes in a .dmg - you're still looking for one?