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Oops. I just realized this is a guestbook, and not a messaging. Unfortunately there is no way for me to edit my entry. I realized the issue is that I was trying to use the version from Pangea's page, as opposed to the shareware version. In any case, thank you for your posts and I hope you are well.


Hey, how did you end up getting Bugdom to run on Sheepshaver? https://macintoshgarden.org/games/bugdom

I've got sheepshaver running and bugdom.dmg converted to an ISO on Mac OS 9. The only problem is when I click on the game, it tells me that drawsprocketlib cannot be found. I did install GameSprocket lib and see that DrawSprocketLib and InputSprocketLib Extension are in my extension folder.

Just wondering what settings you used to get it to run successfully. I feel like I'm almost there, just missing a few key steps.