Title Type Updated datesort icon
Lest We Forget App 2021 Feb 20 - 5:02pm
Mac OS X for Intel microprocessor App 2020 Jul 9 - 6:50pm
Alcohol 101 App 2020 Apr 4 - 6:14am
Sony TFT LCD Color Computer Display App 2019 Mar 11 - 2:26am
Strategy Games of the World Game 2019 Mar 7 - 5:27am
Eyewitness Encyclopedia of Nature 2.0 App 2019 Feb 21 - 2:07am
MacGzip App 2018 Aug 3 - 8:59pm
iPod + iTunes CD App 2017 Sep 21 - 3:54pm
Canon DIGITAL CAMERA Solution Disk App 2017 Sep 21 - 1:31am
Blue's Reading Time Activities Game 2017 Feb 11 - 7:58pm
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If u are looking for tranquility, all availables versions are on theWayback Machine. Wink


Got your msg about PB discs. My discs install OS X 10.3.3, so they are not the ones you want, based on your requirements.


Hi, I wasn't aware that it was Apple supplied. Still, it is much better on its own page under the category "Novelties & Fun". The file size is irrelevant. It will also be easier to locate or stumble across, should someone be casually browsing the Garden's pages.

If its unlikely there will be other templates out there that can be added to the page, then remove that comment from the template's page.

Also; Some pics of the skins created with the template and on the PB1400 lid could be added to the page, which would be nice. I added one I found one via google and it could be replaced with some decent ones. Others can contribute to the template's page in this way, too.


Hi, I moved the templates from the PB1400 demo page to its own page. It doesn't matter that its a small file, it belongs in its own category (Novelties & Fun) from the demo (Reference & Mac info).

Besides, others might be able to add similar templates to the new page, with luck.

I created the new page under your name as being the author and moved your text and checksums there. I needed to change the file's name for uploading - the sha1 sums still match your original.


Hi, you left a message on my guestbook page, thanking me for uploading the Titanium PowerBook restore set - It wasn't me who uploaded the Ti restore disk tho'.

Whoops! I mis-clicked your name. Well, thank you just the same for being an awesome contributor.