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Calling all hackers - a list of old software that needs hacking Forum topic 2021 May 6 - 3:10pm
IconBox App 2021 May 1 - 8:02am
PRAM 5.0 App 2021 May 1 - 2:46am
Senet Game 2021 Apr 30 - 8:26am
Die CD-ROM mit der Maus 2 Game 2021 Apr 29 - 4:49pm
WannaBe 1.0b14 App 2021 Apr 28 - 12:22pm
Be a hero today! (free porn inside - that's a lie, but click anyway) Forum topic 2021 Apr 25 - 5:02pm
The Great LightBulb Adventure Game 2021 Apr 22 - 6:25am
iPulse App 2021 Apr 8 - 10:35am
Take the System 7 Quiz :-) Forum topic 2021 Mar 30 - 3:08pm
Bolkonskij joined us in August 3, 2009, and has been a member for 11 years 40 weeks.
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"Bolkonskij, you are such a cheat!" Well, how true is that! I run Bolkonskij's Cheat Emporium, a page dedicated to cheats and walkthroughs for MacOS games but accessible from your old Mac.

I'm also the one behind, home for orphaned Quicktime videos on the web.

Nicolas Bahamondes

Bolkie, it's me, Nicolas.
I know it's been a long time since we talked each other, I am needing your help, I have a new project between my hands, a project that I feel I will be able to keep on rails this time.

Whenever possible, please write me, as I lost my address book. My iCloud mail is astralsoupdesign.

Big hugs from Chile!


Hi, I found your profile from the Inside Mac Games archive page. (

I noticed that you mentioned converting some of the IMG issues to PDF. Is there any chance you would be willing to share your PDF conversions?

I have been looking for IMG back issues for ages. Read every issues from 1993-1995 when I was a kid, and was ecstatic to find that the back issues have been made available. Unfortunately, I do not have access to a Macintosh currently, and can't even get the .sit files expanded on my Windows 10 machine.

Thanks so much if you'd be willing to share your PDFs!


Hello! Thanks so much for uploading Escape Velocity, I'm getting a corrupt SIT file on the star wars mod which I really want to play, any way you can re-upload and test? Thanks! You rock.


Hi Bolkonskij!

Noticed your message on if i’d be interested in writing a guide/review on Mountain of Mayhem. I actually have written something a while back which I can share. Tried to email but mails to the admin address bounce. Please let me know what the best way would be to get in touch and share the doc.



Bolkonskij, I have a cracked copy of Europa Universalis 3 + Napoleon (preinstalled) that I grabbed off a torrent about three years ago. It is a Universal Binary and seems to work on PPC as one would expect. I had been holding off putting it up here until I could get originals of EU3 and the expansion. However, they seem impossible to find on ebay or Amazon (I think there is a German version of EU3 but no English version and no expansion). But now I am inclined to upload the cracked copy without waiting any longer. At least people will be able to play it. So my question now is: Do you want the cracked copy here? I so, then I think a separate page for UB versions of EU3 and expansions might be best, rather than putting it on the EU3 Complete page. Eventually we might be able to get copies of original UB versions to sit along side the cracked copy on the new page. What do you think?


Hello! I did not find NoCD for Neverwinter Nights, but I found the license key, which was located here on the Macintosh Garden. (What a twist)


I just saw your entry in my guest book (I almost never go there) and have to admit that I am at a loss what that was all about. Can you enlighten me here, please?


Unfortunately, the file that was attached by reference is the same .dmg that I found, also in this archive NOCD is also broken for one of the Expansions


I have a comment on your entry in my guestbook, c.i.o


Hi again)

I also wanted to say that it is not possible to mount a .toast PvZ GOTY Edition image (the system said "not recognized"). Maybe I make some mistake when unpacking the .zip archive? (Tried BetterZip, Unarchiver, BOM Archive helper, Stuffit Expander).



GameRanger is still working and supported - I regularly play with this client myself. (mac os 10.4.6). To find out for me was unexpected.

Regarding NO CD for NWN. I found one, but it is broken inside, that is, not instead of the application inside .dmg there was a non-working exec-file. (the one from the Oldmetalmilitia FTP server). So I'm still looking for a working version of NOCD, as well as the key for the original game, without which it is impossible to launch the version with MacGarden. (k'ed). The same applies, perhaps, to Baldur's gate 1/2


I agree with you for sure! I've been collecting (original) software for a while so I should have some other neat things left to put up. I believe I've reached the end of the non-originals but I also have a backup copy of True Basic which I will put up as I have seen requests for it and it's not on the site still.

All of my original copies of games are already on the Garden but I have a pretty large collection of boxed and non-boxed apps.


Hey, I'm glad you enjoy them! I do apologize that the majority of them are not from original disks, they were taken from old floppy backup disks. I have some more interesting stuff to upload still =)


What do you use to code your websites? I am working on building a website of my own desinged on my Power Mac and I really like the design of your sites. Smile


I got the e-mail you sent me via the site btw and I responded but I don't know if you got that. Do you still have my address from 2011. I'm still in the same place.


I'd love that 6200/6300 mobo of yours for my Colour Classic. Do you still have my e-mail address?

scott Praed

Graduation for you named the new admin.

Thanks, but I'm really just helping out here and there. fogwraith drives the show and he deserves all the praise and congratulations Smile


Game Die CD-ROM mit der Maus 2 not working, problem "Script error. Continue?". Other games great working.


Salut Bolkonskij,

meine Sammlung wachst und wachst. Ich habe vor 2 Wochen einen Teil der Sammlung von Genf bekommen. Ich bekam: SE, IIci, IIsi, Q610, PB190, PB5300, LCIII so wie einen Personal LW, Colour StyleWriter 2400 und andere Sachen. Und 15 Jaz disks!

Mein IIfx hat internen Strom und SCSI verloren aber ich habe eine FWB JackHammer und einen externen Laufwerk. Ich hoffe mittels einen SCSI-SATA-Adaptor einen SSD darauf zu verwenden. Aber es braucht Zeit.

Mein kleines Zimmer erfüllt sich langsam. Ich kenne mehr Leute in Deutschland durch und eine gute Kollegin von mir in München hilft mit Porto. Wegen des 6100, bin ich nicht sicher. Brauchst du einen SCSI-Karte oder die PDS-Grafikkarte, die auch mit PM8100 und PM7100 mitkam? Ich habe die AV-Version dieser Karte, die ich die schicken könnte.

Gruss von der CH


You're welcome Smile