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Hi blackhole.

I finally had chance to read your text.
I suppose we can swap some images between us to improve our personal collections.

That shared folder on google drive is open for write now.
Maybe you can upload a file with a list of what medias do you have?

I finished taking photographs of all my Apple optical medias. I can upload it to the same shared folder and you can download it on your side.

My next task after consolidating my optical media collection will be to organize my apple floppy collection.

Where on this planet are you? I am in new zealand.


I'd swear I had seen 6.0.6 as the ROM disk; HOWEVER the last time I saw that was a while ago. I don't actually currently own a Classic as I had to get rid of mine. I know the minimum system requirements to boot a Classic are 6.0.6 for whatever that's worth. Maybe the designers of the Classic developed the ROM disk long before that and spun it up with 6.0.3 during development, but just left that there. I remember when I saw the ROM disk mounted the first time thinking "wonder if they took anything from that experiment at all to design NetBoot later on in the life of Mac OS?"

Anyway, the 6.0.6 I posted is the real thing in terms of being 6.0.6. When I get time, I may actually take a pic of the floppies if that helps.



This stupid proprietary installer of Quark's does make it complicated. Shy of making actual floppies via Disk Copy 4.2, it is hard to get the virginized one to work in emulation.

Here's how I did it with images only.

1. Convert a copy of the Installer Disk and Registration Disk to Read/Write. Copy them to whatever system instance you use.

2. Spin up an instance of Mini vMac as a Mac II. Install System 7.5.5. For speed, set it to "All Out". Mount the Disk Copy image and Mount the CD using Disk Copy 6.3.3. Run the Installer from the Floppy. You will get the Registration info...go through it and answer it and make sure to choose Save. You'll get to the point of simulating disk swaps. Make sure you have a copy of the Installer somewhere else on your OS X machine. In Mini vMac, I keep having it rotate between opening the disk image using Mini vMac's open and having to have it remount the system software volume.

3. Finally when all the swaps are done, it will offer to install Quark and will write the registration of your choosing to the installer that was read/write. Make sure to keep that read/write image so you don't go through disk swap hell again.

4. In the future using any emu, you can mount the floppy, mount the CD and install this using the installer that has registration data written.

It is outright ugly, but it works. An alternative would be to use Disk Copy 4.2 to make actual registration and installer floppies. Burn a CD of the CD .img. Install it like you would have back in the day on your Beige G3. Once done, make an image of your resulting floppy and use that for emulators. This one is not for the faint at heart, but I can get it done and could show via a screen capture video if I had to. I have it installed now.


Hi there! I see your interest in multipack OS CDroms, i'm just assuming, it seems you're interested in multilanguage software. I can offer macromedia studio mx (2002 of course) original CD but it's in spanish, is it worth to you?



Is it true that you have the OS 8.6 installers for the iMac DV slot loading (October 1999 - July 2000)?




I was wondering if anyone has the 4.0a and 4.0b updates for FreeHand 4.0 for either PowerPC or 68k. (Preferably both but I'm grateful for either.). I can perhaps help with a U.S. English version of PageMaker 4.2 with all of its updates made from disks I own.