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The Beast Within: A Gabriel Knight Mystery Game 2021 Apr 29 - 8:11pm
The Daedalus Encounter Game 2021 Apr 27 - 8:22pm
Titanic: Adventure Out of Time Game 2021 Apr 23 - 3:07am
Silver Game 2021 Mar 7 - 11:50pm
Tivola Great Games Compendium 1 Game 2021 Feb 5 - 6:20pm
Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness Game 2021 Jan 31 - 11:46pm
Warlords II (CD version) Game 2021 Jan 22 - 8:16pm
Morpheus Game 2021 Jan 21 - 9:29pm
Tropico Game 2021 Jan 21 - 4:34pm
Age of Empires Game 2021 Jan 9 - 11:15pm
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Hello! On the Secret of Monkey Island page you left a comment indicating that you have an original Macintosh 3.5" floppy copy of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade: The Graphic Adventure in your collection. Is that the case and if so, do you still have this game? Can you please image the disks using Disk Copy 4.2 and compress them in a Stuffit file and upload on that game's page? I tried to fill the gap in the archive with my copy but I discovered that after so many years my Disks 1 and 3 have data loss. I've made it something of a personal mission to finally get this game properly archived here and have reached out to several fellow collectors for help. If you have the means and time to help me check this box I would be very grateful. And (selfishly) it would let me repair my copy of the game too.