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Copy II Mac 6.3 App 2013 May 28 - 4:09pm
Seven Cities of Gold Forum topic 2010 Apr 11 - 3:42am
Is there a list anywhere of games that are compatible with the original 128k Mac? Forum topic 2020 Nov 4 - 7:36am
Getting files off a Mac Classic without a floppy drive Forum topic 2012 Oct 14 - 11:06pm
Copy of Leisure Genius version of Scrabble on eBay Forum topic 2019 May 15 - 6:55am
Seven Cities of Gold on eBay Forum topic 2012 May 20 - 12:00am
Another copy of MacWars on eBay... Forum topic 2011 Jan 19 - 9:43am
I have Temple of Apshai Trilogy Forum topic 2011 Jan 18 - 6:44am
Temple of Apshai and Seven Cities of Gold Forum topic 2012 Dec 27 - 6:08am
I have a couple of "wanted" games which I bought on eBay.... Forum topic 2009 Dec 27 - 8:39am
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