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Peek-a-Boo 1.x App 2019 Aug 22 - 3:47am
Helper Extensions for BII App 2018 Nov 29 - 3:03am
Macintosh Utilities Disk (Performa SSW 7.1P4) App 2018 May 5 - 3:42pm
GNU C Compiler App 2018 Mar 24 - 6:46pm
Restore floppies for Performa 410, 460, 475 and 550. Forum topic 2018 Feb 26 - 8:07pm
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Oh hi, just noticed your msg in my g'book. I could write more, a busy guy of course, trying to remain semi-anonymous and giving out less personal info and fewer ways to triangulate my id. I just wrote a solid CoreVideo for Tiger page here, you may clip it or link it ? And I could add more to the pages here, the CV for Leopard thread here is still blank right now.