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Links for the CD's are non functional where can I download the game for Macintosh all I have are the PC disks.

Are you sure? The last time I checked, Tropico could be downloaded directly from Macintosh Garden.


Hi abasu1979

You mentioned in a forum that you have a copy of Tropico. The page for Tropico here is missing the game. Can you upload it please?


I'd be grateful if an aspiring El Presidenté could confirm whether the CD image mounts properly.


Hi abasu1979

I live in Australia. If you need some payment to cover postage, I am happy to pay that.

An alternative would be to upload images of the CDs to RapidShare. I can then just transfer them over to my paid account where they will not be deleted.

If you are sure you prefer the postage option, I will reply with my address.

Thanks for making the CDs available.

Dear mrdav,

I definitely prefer the postage option, because I find that the game works perfectly (i.e. you get the music as well) when the CDs are burned 1:1. Also, uploading over 500MB strikes me as rather tedious and time-consuming.

(I've tried the CD image option; the game can be played, but without the music - even when the audio tracks are burned as a separate session. With 1:1 burning this problem does not arise.)

No need to pay for postage, but please feel free to send me your postal address via e-mail.