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Zero Critical

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zero_critical.iso_.sit (375.23 MB)
MD5: 9f9a806c3cd05688af05ce04e3a3818e
For System 7.0 - 7.6 - Mac OS 9
[www].se [ftp].se [mirror].us [mirror].de (449.95 MB)
MD5: 4d36a2c3e7b804782c3ba76e380af15c
For System 7.0 - 7.6 - Mac OS 9
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Description from Moby Games:
Rheom 1 is a terrestrial planet of eternal daylight. Recently, a research facility has been established there, with a group of scientists working on a mysterious Satin Project. However, strange events begin to happen there. The head of the project, Dr. Victoria Fayn, has killed another scientist, allegedly in self-defense. The Interstellar Transportation Commission sends an agent named Chatt Rhuller to investigate the incident. As Chatt is prevented from leaving the research facility, he begins to realize that something far more sinister is going on, and is determined to get to the bottom of the mystery.

Zero Critical is a third-person adventure game. The player interacts with the environment by using a point-and-click interface. Most of the gameplay is dedicated to gathering clues by having conversations with the characters (including the choice of different topics), as well as solving predominantly inventory-based puzzles.

This game is a sequel to Majestic: Alien Encounter and an indirect sequel to Symbiocom, both by the same developer.

Architecture: PPC

Requires Mac OS 7 or later, PPC, 16 MB RAM, 256 colours, 50 MB hard disk space


Franky233's picture
by Franky233 - 2019, May 5 - 9:49pm

YW. Happy to know that it works as expected for you. Wink

Dimitris1980's picture
by Dimitris1980 - 2019, May 5 - 8:19pm

Great job SNakApple. I downloaded the new file, burned it on cd and it works great on my Powermac G3 minitower.

Franky233's picture
by Franky233 - 2019, May 5 - 6:34pm

Dimitris1980 is right for audio. I've found a Bin/Cue image of the game with 16 audio tracks & uploaded it of course. Smile

mrdav's picture
by mrdav - 2019, May 2 - 1:18pm

@Dimitris1980: Maybe there is no music. In this review of the PC version, the writer states:

"Nor is there much in the way of other sound. Apart from the opening score, there is no music - at least there wasn't in my game. There is a credit for the music, and the capacity to turn the music sound up, but no amount of tweaking with the game or fiddling with the soundcard settings would elicit a single note."

Dimitris1980's picture
by Dimitris1980 - 2019, May 2 - 9:22am

It runs great on my Performa 6116 and on my Power Macintosh G3 Minitower. Is there a way to have music? I just checked a video on youtube and the game had music directly from cd.

Duality's picture
by Duality - 2018, December 2 - 2:48am

Alright, definitely not working on my 68040, still running into a series of Lingo scripting errors that don't show up on the PowerPC hardware.

I'll mark this one as PPC only.

Duality's picture
by Duality - 2018, November 28 - 8:23am

I am doing exactly that on a G3 Power Mac more than four years after my lazy bum didn't follow through with verifying on real PPC hardware.

Hmm. Time flies? Smile

I have at least one reason to dig out the Quadra this weekend so I should be able to try both.

...Following up, heck yes this runs well on a G3! And wow, it's actually a Sierra style adventure game. Did not expect that from this series! Dang. Cool. Now I can finally play it...

I'll report back this weekend to see how this does on the 68040 hardware, round two. It's probably a Director 6.x or at least a Director 5 game, so unless there's an Xtra being used that wasn't tested on a 68k Mac, it should have some chance of working.

mrdav's picture
by mrdav - 2018, November 28 - 7:56am

Game starts OK for me on a G3 iMac running Mac OS 9.2.2. I did not test it on my 68040 Mac as it would have taken way too long to transfer the .iso file over to it. Have you tried downloading the .iso again just in case something went wrong the first time?

Duality's picture
by Duality - 2014, August 5 - 8:58am

This isn't just a 68k issue. I'm getting the same error on SheepShaver, whether I mount the iso in Toast 5 or set it as a disk to mount at launch.

Has anybody else had any success in running this iso on any Mac?

I'd try it on Windows XP to see if this is just a problem with this image, but the game refuses to run there. It claims I need at least 3 MB of virtual memory available, but I've got a page file with 1536 MB of virtual memory allocated, and a maximum of 3 GB. Seems unlikely that virtual memory is really the issue.

Duality's picture
by Duality - 2014, August 3 - 9:17pm

Has anyone been able to run this game from the iso that was uploaded to Mac Garden?

In Basilisk II and on my Quadra 800, I get the same error when I try and launch the game:

Script error: Handler not defined


I run into the same error message if I try to mount the iso with Toast Deluxe 4.1.2 on the Mac or Basilisk II, or if I set this iso as one of the disks that Basilisk II mounts at launch.

I haven't had any trouble running the other games in the series through those methods, Majestic or Symbiocom, or any other CD-ROM game on this website. Just this one.

It could be that this game works fine on a Power Mac, but the readme indicates that a 68040 Mac fulfills the minimum requirements. This game's clearly compiled as a FAT binary.