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Zeddas: Horror Tour 2

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This is a little known sequel to Zeddas that was only released in Japan. The first game was known as Horror Tour there. The game begins with an FMV of three sinister wizards reviving Zeddas, the Demon King you slew in the last game, as well as his legions of goblins and skeletons to reconquer Rodvydel, and you are beseeched to stop him again. It's not exactly the most complex premise for a sequel but then again the first game didn't exactly have much going for it in terms of plot other than the rudimentary "kill the big bad evil king of the demons"…All the characters in the game speak in colloquial Japanese, so you won't find much of what they say in any textbook, with at least one character speaking in the Kansai dialect. (From the review and Adventure Legends)

A review of both Zeddas 1 and 2 is here.

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