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Game screenshot
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zauron_demo_v2.sit (1.66 MB)
MD5: 6dee6dc14dc4b16403c1579e7eb424cd
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Zauron is a HyperCard RPG with a Final Fantasy-style Active Time Battle system. The protagonist is a ninja-for-hire in a nuclear-devastated future where monsters and magic coexist with high technology.

This demo release comprising "as much of the game as I have completed" seems to be the last that was publicly heard of the project. In early 2004, the author wrote that his dream of creating a game had yet to be fulfilled. However, he would go on to create the freeware title Minebot Arena and co-found Crazy Viking Studios, where he designed and programmed the successful Kickstarter project Volgarr the Viking.


Architecture: 68k

Minimum: 4 MB of RAM; Mac OS 6.0.7 with 32-Bit QuickDraw 1.2
Recommended: 8 MB of RAM; Mac OS 7; Sound Manager

The program needs at least 2 MB of memory available to it. It will crash if you have less.