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WizSolitaire.app_.sitx (1.21 MB)
MD5: 16560b018d5fc2e060241ebba7753247
For Mac OS X
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Wiz Solitaire is a collection of 30 card games in the classic style, as in the famous Freecell and Windows Solitaire. It has a customizable interface that allows you to choose your own card table background image.

The program has several options, such as the “undo” command, which allows you to go back to previous moves. It also offers movement suggestion, ideal for those just starting out and don't know which moves are possible.

The game package has, so far, Baker's Dozen, Black Hole, Canfield, Chinese Solitaire, Cruel, Diplomat, Eagle Wing, Forty Thieves, Free Cell, Gaps, Golf, Josephine, Klondike, La Belle Lucie, Monte Carlo , Mount Sunflower, Napoleon's Tomb, Putt Putt, Pyramid, Rouge et Noir, Scorpion, Seaheaven, Spider, St Helena, Streets, The Fan, Trefoil, TriPeaks, Wasp and Yukon.

Each game has its own score and time statistics. That is, it is possible to view the player's performance in a table with previous records. Thus, the player can challenge friends and family to see who is the most astute with the cards.

Architecture: PPC