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Wanderer I: The Cult of Misery

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wanderer-i-121.hqx (2.29 MB)
MD5: ffc04a63bfc80a3ad9ffa91a61832f56
For System 7.0 - 7.6 - Mac OS 9
This game works with: Basilisk II,

Wanderer I: The Cult of Misery is a roleplaying game in the tradition of the Ultima series. It was developed exclusively for the Macintosh.

You are a peaceful, ordinary citizen of a society known simply as The Empire. You are governed by the benevolent lord who is called The Emperor. Since leaving your home in the towne of Trojan at a young age, you have provided for yourself and your sister Marissa happily for a long time. Your parents have since passed on, and you have moved to the quiet, isolated farming community of Horseshoe. All was well until two years ago.

Exactly two years ago today, your sister Marissa was murdered. She had been stabbed in the chest with a poisoned dagger for no apparent reason. You found her body in front of your house on your way home from a short shopping trip. You have never known who killed her, but until now you have never really cared. All that mattered was that your innocent loving sister had been struck down in cold blood.

Last night everything changed. You had a dream in which you watched her killed by a masked assassin; you were unable to move to prevent it. You had this same dream over and over, forced to watch her killed over and over. This made you realize that you do in fact care who killed her. Now you absolutely must know who it was so that you can make them pay for their cruelty. It has consumed you. You must make sure this vicious predator can never do this to anyone else. You've come to realize it is now your turn to be predator. To stalk the stalker.

So you've woken up early this morning, packed up what few possessions you have, and have set off to exact your revenge. You've decided to start in Horseshoe and question the locals about your sister. After that, you'll travel wherever the trail takes you.

Wanderer I: The Cult of Misery requires at least Mac OS 7, 5MB of memory, 8 bit colour, a 68020 CPU, and 32-bit addressing. Sound Manager 3.0 is optional. Disk usage for the program ranges from 3-10MB, depending how far into the game you get.

Architecture: 68k PPC