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Wagon Train 1848

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For System 6.x - Mac OS 9
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For System 6.x - Mac OS 9
This game works with: Mini vMac Mini vMac II

Wagon Train 1848 1.0

"Also in 1991, MECC introduced Wagon Train 1848, a Macintosh-only cooperative-learning version of The Oregon Trail in which students playing together over a network could link up their computers to form wagon trains. In essence, each Mac became a separate wagon in the train, and students could communicate with each other and work together over the network."

What is Wagon Train 1848?

Wagon train 1848 is an adventure in cooperative learning based on The Oregon Trail game. It allowed a classroom full of students to all be part of the same multiplayer adventure. Each Mac computer represents a covered wagon train traveling west on the Oregon Trail. Players work together, as they journey across the rugged landscape of nineteenth-century America.

Actually "Wagon Train 1848" was the first version of Oregon Trail of Apple's Macintosh computers. It was released at the same time as the Mac version of the Oregon Trail, but it was only available to schools.

I was one of the Mac Developers on Wagon Train 1848/Oregon Trail. They shipped in 1990/1991.

They were identical except for the fact that Wagon Train 1848 was designed to be networked with multiple computers and perfect for a school setting. Networking on personal computers was finally into the schools with AppleTalk and PhoneNet networking.

It added some other elements as you could trade with other Wagons and your entire Wagon Train had to stay together, so if one was slower or had more issues, the others had to help.

Apple Computer funded a large part of Wagon Train 1848 to be available for the schools. They wanted to push networking computer labs together.

Management Password: bang

Architecture: 68k

Macintosh Plus or better.
System 6.0.2 or newer.


Raptor007's picture
by Raptor007 - 2018, July 3 - 8:29am

Awesome, thanks for the upload! You'll need the management password, which is "bang".

Some troubleshooting I discovered: Make sure you switch to 256 colors before attempting to launch, or it might crash. If it says your Wagon Config is not valid (can happen after a crash) copy it again from the image. If you get "Unable to open AppleTalk socket", reboot, then make sure AppleTalk is enabled and connected, make sure you're on 256 color mode, get a fresh copy of Wagon Config, and try again.

I have this working on my 512Ke with 2MB RAM upgrade on System 6.0.8, my G4 Cube on 9.2.2, and several machines in between. It just needs AppleTalk and 1000KB free memory.