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Vampire Castle

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Vampire_Castle.sit (81.68 KB)
MD5: df736d0282dfd1f2be72c03741a4399a
For System 1 - 5 - System 7.0 - 7.6
This game works with: Mini vMac Mini vMac II

"Warning! The Vampire awakes at midnite!"

An adventure game with optional MacinTalk speech.

Version 7.0

Not to be confused with Dracula's Castle.

Architecture: 68k

Runs well in real 68000 and 68020 hardware e.g.; Mac Plus, SE, Mac II, etc.

This game appears to be incompatible with most current emulators, but it runs in vMac and Mini vMac.

The game runs in Mini vMac II, 256 colours, SSW 7.5.3 International or earlier.

Note: The game requires the presence of "MacinTalk" to run properly, which is essential for the voice sound.
MacinTalk is not installed by default with SSW 6.0.8 and earlier.


MacTouch's picture
by MacTouch - 2018, June 18 - 10:21pm

YW. Wink I know that we were aware the game works with MacinTalk (not really a scoop), but not that it won't run without. However, previous posts mention it. If it is not installed before, you've got the "Illegal instruction" message when lauching this game. Thanks to Mike for updating the page "MacinTalk" & of course that one consecutively to our discoveries. Smile As for now, we know that it runs with Mini vMac (68000) & Mini vMac II, but I don't know actually why we've got an error 11 in some ways. With Basilisk, it's an "error type 3" which appears. I hope that's not a naughty virus...

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by 24bit - 2018, June 17 - 8:19pm

Great finding MacTouch! I´m stumped how I could miss trying MiniVMac II with SSW 7.X.
As for MacInTalk, I always had it present on the boot disk, but the game would not run in spite of that often.
There must be another piece of the puzzle missing.
Anyway, as the game runs in MiniVMac II, 256 colours, SSW 7.5.3 International, I guess we may take the issue as solved. Thanks for looking into this riddle!


As for the page editing, I can´t either but only trigger a Drupal error.
I already reported this to our "boss".

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by MacTouch - 2018, June 17 - 7:51pm

This game works with versions 3.2.3, 3.3.3, 3.4.0 & 3.5.8 of Mini vMac or Mini vMac II. But I suspect something else. May be a vampire virus? Tongue Seriously, it could be the CDEF strain or another one. So, if not already done, you know what to do... Smile

I have just DL the game on this page. But, if really necessary, let me know what to upload. Wink

[EDIT] You were right obviously, 24bit. Finally, I have tested it & it was not working everywhere with Mini vMac. So, I have searched why. And I found the culprit. Smile The game requires the presence of "Macintalk" to run properly. Indeed, it is essential for the voice sound. Some system 6 installations are not installing it by default. It works also with the system version 7. But only with Mini vMac. As I can't update this page myself (I don't know why exactly?), I let you do it if you want to... Wink

24bit's picture
by 24bit - 2018, June 17 - 6:15pm

That does sound really great MacTouch!
Could you please upload a working image for MiniVMac to let us share the magic?
Many here have tried high and low in vain and a working solution would be superb.
Not that I was a gamer and wanted to kill the beast, but such riddles catch my attention.

MacTouch's picture
by MacTouch - 2018, June 17 - 5:35pm

May be it looks strange (or not), but this game runs well in all versions of Mini vMac with system 6.0.8 at least for me without issue. The sound are quite good also for this emulator. I'm really talking about Mini vMac, not vMac...

noway's picture
by noway - 2018, June 17 - 1:38pm

Hm, seems I spoke too soon.
I did create a fresh English 6.0.7 image from scratch, added MacInTalk and the VC game folder.
The game quits with error 11. Dang.

I´ll add my D-6.0.7 img as second download for anyone wanting to try, as this seems to be the only boot disk to play Vampire Castle in VMac.
Maybe someone with a deeper knowledge will find why the game runs from this image, but not from a stock 6.0.7. Too bad I can´t recall what I did to create the German 6.0.7, but I don´t think I did anything special like tappig with magic wand. Wink

Edit: I´ll add the .img as soon as Drupal lets me do that, as its impossible for me to edit the page atm.

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by noway - 2018, June 16 - 4:05pm

As posted in another thread, there is a solution for running this game in Mac emulation.
Vapire Castle seems to run fairly well (albeit with scattered sound) in VMac32.
VMac32 is the Windows 32 bit port of Vmac.
Funny thing the game displays the known error with MacOS 6.0.8, but works in 6.0.7.


The game seems to be quite playable, much faster than the DOS port in VirtualBox.
The Mac ports of VMac are sure worth a try too.

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by Slik - 2014, February 23 - 7:49pm

I tried System 1, 3.2, and 4.1, 4.2, and 6.0.8 in Mini vMac 3.1.3, and also in the 512k build (mnvm0022-3.2.3), with the same error message. Same result in MESS 0.144 with those OS versions and the Mac Plus ROM. Maybe it was programmed close to the metal of a Mac 128?

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by Renegade - 2012, May 28 - 2:22pm

IIRC, this game used MacinTalk. It had a text-command interface.

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by TinaTwice - 2012, May 28 - 3:16am

The information on this game is incorrect. It was released in 1986-1987 by Dave Culbertson (this is v.7), so Basilisk II may not be the emulator to use. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to play nice with Mini vMac, either - I've tried running it under every OS from 4.2-7.1, but I immediately get an illegal instruction system error on every attempt. I found an Italian software mag from 1992 that includes a screenshot, but it's so small and low-quality that I hesitate to upload it here. Looks like an interesting game.

Euryale's picture
by Euryale - 2009, August 30 - 1:57am

Description or Screenshot?
what's this game about?

...nevermind, it doesn't work