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Ultima III: Exodus (1985)

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[www].se [ftp].se [mirror].us [mirror].de (22.31 MB)
MD5: 5cf61cb3672b003e2d0423d9e38d2628
For System 1 - 5 - System 6.x
This game works with: Mini vMac

Ultima III: Exodus is the third game in the series of Ultima role-playing video games. Exodus is also the name of the game's principal antagonist. It is the final installment in the "Age of Darkness" trilogy. Released in 1983, it was the first Ultima game published by Origin Systems. Originally developed for the Apple II, Exodus was eventually ported to 13 other platforms. (paraphrased from Wikipedia)

This is the original 1-bit Macintosh port of Ultima III that was released in 1985.

The instructions for the game include a warning against copying the game at risk of damaging the disk. They were not kidding. One of the many copy tools I used got stuck trying to read something. The drive started making progressively louder squeaky/scratchy sounds. Now I can no longer run the game from the disk. When I slide the disk open, there is a groove on the media where I presume the disk drive head was misled into creating a rut.
  — jkheiser

The download here includes a disk image that was created by MCP using DiskDup+ (set to tolerate the copy-protected sector). It was combined with a deprotected copy of the application to create a playable image.


If you have a copy that's never been played, or of the Mac II-compatible (but still monochrome) revision that was supposedly created between October 1987 and January 1988, please upload them.


Also in this series: II: The Revenge of the Enchantress, III: Exodus (remake), IV: Quest of the Avatar

Architecture: 68k


Franky233's picture
by Franky233 - 2019, July 27 - 4:54pm

Yes, apparently, there is Might & Magic I, Might & Magic II (b&w & color versions). You need to launch the installer for playing... You can't drag & drop image file into the Mini vMac window just like dsk rather converting them ? There is also a page for the version 2 here.

I've seen the author of this page "Ultima III" has contacted you lastly. May be other will follow, I hope for you...

I have looked your game. I will give it a try later, may be. I like centipede-like, so... Smile

iwakurarein's picture
by iwakurarein - 2019, July 26 - 10:14pm

The first computer I ever used was a Macintosh Plus.

I was referring to the Mouse Eaters game I uploaded (rescued from an old disk), as I asked you to look at, and before uploading I played and got a high score. If you download and open the .dsk in Mini Vmac... run Mouse, then play.

However, I was unaware that you are mostly interested in 90s Macs- of course, I used most of them and know most of them too, but really only have interest nowadays in mid-to-late 80s Compact b/w Macs.

Someone did contact me, and I am awaiting a reply, but this is a problem I've run across on other sites too like Macintosh Repository- most users are younger and don't know much about Macs pre-1990. Not to be rude. The interest seems to be in mid 90s 68030/68040 machines, or Power Macs, and CD-ROM based games. By this point I had essentially moved on to PC and never looked back (around 1996 when my uncle gave me his old Pentium 75MHz with stuff like Duke Nukem when he upgraded.)

However! Thank you very much for your Might & Magic stuffit, it worked great, and I have the original game. There are also disk images but I haven't converted them from .image that were in the .sit, made them into .dsk, loaded them and seen what is on them. (Then I can install them to my hardfile and run them on my Macintosh SE.) Do they contain Might & Magic 2? This is what I really wanted to play, and the page for that game said it had both games.

Either way, thanks. If you wouldn't mind letting me know if the disk images in the .sit you made me has Might & Magic 2, or just the first one (that was already in the sit) that would be great. Thank you for all your help and patience.

I may just go ahead and contact some other people I can think of and potentially, and their emulator projects. I saw an old Computer Chronicles episode showing that Stanford used compact Macs like this way back then (86-90) so maybe if they are archiving Mac software they will have an expert who can help me.

Thanks again.

Franky233's picture
by Franky233 - 2019, July 25 - 8:41pm

YW! Sorry, I'm not interested personally by early games. And honestly, I never liked Classic (b/w) Macs. Back in the day, I used a Mac IIfx & I've seen some SE/30, but never used them. However, I've used from this era an Atari with MacPlus ROM (hardware emulation). But it was complex to use as is. When I've got enough money for it, I switched on a LC 475... Of course, that's not change the help I can provide for everyone tho'. Because the Mac is my hobby & more forever...

Do you mean by your high score old softwares or all the software you've uploaded here ? I'm not doing a competition after all. I don't know exactly who is interested. But if someone read your posts, they could contact you. May be you have found already someone interested? Also, if you can dress a list of your old softwares, this could helping...

iwakurarein's picture
by iwakurarein - 2019, July 25 - 12:01am

Thank you so much! Seriously! I will check out Might & Magic and the .sit you made asap- I am quite busy this week and also have health issues, but will report back. (I have Stuffit Lite and I believe it just extracts 3.5 archives- unsure about lower versions. We'll see. Again, THANK YOU!)

In the meantime, if you are interested in early Macintosh (b/w) games and software, please help me out and see my profile, and check out what I uploaded. Can you beat my high score? See the comments too- need to figure out what to do with these disk images. Please help if you use the forums or know anyone. Thanks again!


Franky233's picture
by Franky233 - 2019, July 24 - 9:49pm

Hi again,

Yep. You're right, it's certainly a StuffIt 5.5 archive. And you're right again, I'm ptobably the one who can help you for that task. Smile So, I've added a StuffIt 1.1 archive (I have uploaded this StuffIt version one year ago) with the content of the 1st. This would be compatible with your softwares I think. ...

iwakurarein's picture
by iwakurarein - 2019, July 24 - 1:20pm

Hi again,

The game appears to work. I was able to run it after loading the disk image, after booting off of my main 6.0.8 dsk.

However, I cannot figure out how to start a new game, even with a full party (the party that was saved on the disk). I made my own character and tried adding him to the group of four. The options under "File" are "Journey Onward Command+J" (grayed out), and "New Game" (does nothing). Tried both with a full 4 member party.

I tried booting off of a System 1.1g disk and then inserting the disk and running the game, as well as booting off the game's disk image itself (apparently the game is built into the Finder and basically just hijacks the whole classic Mac system to do nothing but run the game on boot, and reset the machine when done). This did not work either and I could not get past the party arrangement screen. However, I did notice that when running under System 1.1g or on the disk itself, the game had sound effects on the title screen. Under 6.0.8 it did not. I'm stumped, since I never played this game as a kid (I was more a Final Fantasy player... and Wizardry/Bard's Tale).

No idea how to proceed but, perhaps I'll just play Moria (Rogue) instead. EDIT: I feel like a total moron now as I never read the description, that the original disk was damaged, and it also has lots of crazy copy protection, so it never would have been playable to begin with. Sigh... I wouldn't have even bothered to begin with, I guess I'll read every description for games from now on.

Do you happen to have a version of Might and Magic I & II ( ) or can you upload it there as a simple image or .dsk file? I cannot decompress the .sit there as it appears to have been created with Stuffit 5.5 or something; I could probably figure it out with Basilisk II and more time and energy than I'm willing to expend. It will not decompress with Stuffit Lite (3.5) or 4.0 that I have available under Mini Vmac, they both complain it is not a valid archive after copying it into my hardfile using HFV Explorer. So I suppose the archive is either corrupt or a much later version of Stuffit (which makes no sense to use to distribute software from 1985 in.) I've emulated the Mac, especially the classic compact machines since 1999 or so and am well familiar with all this and have literally used tons of other .sit archives, .hqx, .img etc. to get games onto my Macintosh SE so I am pretty sure it is not a "user error" thing on my end.

If you have it, I would love an easier to work with version... (just guessing that maybe you do if you're uploading Ultima III- you clearly have fine taste)

Franky233's picture
by Franky233 - 2019, July 23 - 9:31pm

YW! Yep, i have renamed the image for distinction from the original, it's the 2nd one in the list. I know for MFS disks, don't worry... Smile

I think your diskettes would be a great addition if they are not already here, of course. Anyone interested would probably contact you here shortly or via your personal contact form...

iwakurarein's picture
by iwakurarein - 2019, July 23 - 8:33pm

Awesome. Exact file name above? (is it listed as #2? I deleted the other one.)

As for the game not running- I have every System from 1-6.0.8 and my Mac SE and FloppyEmu can run them all-so can Vmac. If its from 1985 and from a 400K diskette, then it likely requires booting off a System 1.1g boot disk, then inserting the Ultima disk and running it. 400K diskettes are always MFS formatted (not HFS). A lot of early games won't run under later system software, especially if they were on MFS disks.

I have things to do today, tomorrow and Thurs but I will take a look and try various systems and see what it will run on.

Also. I am a new member but I joined because I have a cache of ancient 1983-1984 diskettes that I have imaged before they failed. They contain very early (possibly Apple) test programs, some extremely early development versions of some of the earliest Mac games, demo programs for Macintalk, etc. I have made them into .dsk format and they work in Mini Vmac. If you know anyone here who is an expert on very early Mac (1984) software I would like to be put in touch with them, or directed to the appropriate forum. I have youtube videos I made of some of this but I don't know if I can post those here.

Anyone is welcome to contact me concerning these through my profile, as I enabled the "email through contact form" on my profile settings. Thank you.

Also, thank you personally for the very prompt reply and reupload.

Franky233's picture
by Franky233 - 2019, July 23 - 7:51pm

Thanks for your virus alert. I've added an image without this one. You can destroy it yourself by using Disinfectant without problem or you can also remove it just by holding "Alt" & "Command" pressed while dragging the image into the Mini vMac window. This will rebuild the desktop & erase this virus. The image should be unlocked before, of course. But the game is still not playable despite this...

iwakurarein's picture
by iwakurarein - 2019, July 23 - 6:06pm

Disk is infected with CDEF virus. Please fix. I'd like to play this game.

I am running a hardfile in Mini Vmac that gets used on my FloppyEmu on my real Macintosh SE. According to disinfectant under 6.0.8 this disks desktop file has CDEF: I use the Disinfectant protection INIT. as soon as I put the disk in in Mini Vmac (after booting off of my hardfile) the Mac beeped like 5 times and I got a notice.

I tried to scan the disk/remove CDEF but it wouldn't let me as the disk was in use. It said I needed to rebuild the Desktop file manually on the Ultima disk to proceed. I was unsure how to do this.

Please fix. If you run a larger hard file under Vmac or on real hardware using a FloppyEmu, Scsi2SD etc this disk will infect every rwal disk and disk image you load pretty much as soon as you open it, before running the game, and can cause numerous issues. Wth.

SkyCapt's picture
by SkyCapt - 2018, April 23 - 9:29am

Added that link, above - and brought these 4 more screenshots, which had been put on a wrong page, they're not mine. --look at the boxfront screenshot, it's been autographed by Lord British.

mrdav's picture
by mrdav - 2017, November 24 - 5:50am

Add a link to the colour version that we have at: ?