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Trivia Savant

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MD5: 20bb276ee00912bedf9ec2b9da423bd5
For System 1 - 5
This game works with: Mini vMac

"The Ultimate Informational Challenge" is divided into two disks, each of which is a separate, bootable copy of the game with a different repertoire of questions.

Some vendors advertised five additional volumes: Showbiz, Jocks, The Me Generation, What's That Tune?, and Disque Français. Whether any of these were released remains in question, but going by a comment from "mattheww" on, the answer is probably "no":

I was born in San Francisco and came of age there and in 1984 was living in a $375 a month studio on Hyde and Ellis and was a waiter at the Patio Cafe and my boyfriend owned Kastel Tech on Minna Street that had early success writing programs for the Commodore 64 but then lost everything on a trivia game called Trivia Savant because the few people who even had pc's couldn't lug them into the living room for a party and… let's just pause for a minute. Beat. That. Beat. Fucking. That. For being on the ground floor of whatever the hell San Francisco has become.

Architecture: 68k