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Treasure Galaxy!

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MD5: 4a9d3382f4d6624ae6ec44fe25aefaec
For System 7.0 - 7.6 - Mac OS 9
This game works with: SheepShaver, Basilisk II,

- Ages 5 to 9
- real-world concepts such as measurement, basic fractions, geometric shapes, calendar dates, number patterns, and number analogies that develop math and reasoning skills.
- spoken hints and help that make playing easy, even for beginning readers.
- learning and gameplay that become more challenging as the player's skill level improves.


An educational computer game published by The Learning Company, intended to teach children mathematical problem solving.
The Master of Mischief has wreaked havoc on Crystal City. To restore it, the player must collect crystals by solving letter code words.
Crystal City is divided into three levels. To advance to the next level, the player has to complete various challenges; the first is related to weighing and measuring, the second to geometric shapes, and the final to calendar dates.
The player can also earn points, called Starbucks. They can spend these at a special shop for buying sunbeams to shoot good bright yellow shooting stars. By successfully answering math questions from these stars, the player also earns Starbucks.
Disasteroids, evil flying asteroids, serve as the main antagonists.
Educational Focus

Educational Aspects:

Treasure Galaxy! is specifically designed to
develop a broad range of math and critical-thinking skills within an environment of interactive and engaging game play. The program helps five-to nine-year-old children build real-world math skills, including identifying basic fractions, measuring length and weight, and locating calendar dates. Automatic educational leveling allows players to learn at appropriate and challenging rates for each individual activity. The program adjusts the level of difficulty, depending on the player's success.
Treasure Galaxy! addresses higher
order (critical) thinking skills-analyzing, comparing, inferring, and deducing-in the activities and program objectives."

Architecture: 68k PPC

- 386/25 MHz or better
- 4 MB RAM, hard disk
- 256-color SVGA (16-color VGA available)
- double-speed CD-ROM drive
- DOS 5.0 or higher
- Windows 3.1 or higher
- Windows-compatible sound card
- mouse

- 68030 processor or better
- 256-color monitor (at least 13")
- 4 MB RAM, hard disk
- double-speed CD-ROM drive
- Mac OS 7 or higher
- mouse


captaineos's picture
by captaineos - 2014, September 30 - 5:04am

Runs great direct from the CD on an iMac G3. I have the original CD from the Scholastic book fair!

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by mrdav - 2012, December 20 - 9:08am

Replaced dead MU link with one that works.

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by pagan - 2009, December 6 - 9:03pm

Thanks for another "Treasure..." title!