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The Crimson Crown

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MD5: 05e0732df2c54218bb38318e70215407
For System 1 - 5 - System 7.0 - 7.6
This game works with: Mini vMac

The Vampyr has in his possession The Crimson Crown, which he stole from His Majesty, King John the Good. The crown possesses great magical powers, as yet unknown to the Vampyr. Should he learn them and the means to employ them, the kingdom is most certainly doomed.

The sequel to Transylvania.

Cracked, patched, and Mac OS 7-compatible. Includes the riddle parchment as a text file.

Architecture: 68k

In Mac OS 7, you MUST switch your monitor to B&W mode.


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by ClockWyzass - 2020, December 7 - 6:54am

The Crimson Crown, much like the original game in this series, “Transylvania”, is a cute little game, but with some additional complexities.

This game didn’t come out long after the original game was released for Macs, so the mid-80s Mac graphics are still very crude (relative to other game and computer systems like the Amiga that had breathtaking 12-bit color that eventually expanded to 24-bit color). However, the B&W “film noir” images fit well with this series of games, and the user-interface for this game is slightly more robust than the previous one.

Similar to the original game, the “puzzles” in this game are solved by locating, collecting, and using essential inventory items to acquire additional items or information, or to defeat enemies. However, while the simple “puzzles” of the first game can be solved simply by exploring and searching carefully, and creatively experimenting with different tactics when attempting to use items, this game has some tricky solutions that aren’t obvious at all. So unless you want to spend a ridiculous amount of time trying to outthink the game designers, you’ll probably need some hints or a good walkthrough.

Also, this game uses a copy-protection scheme where you have to solve a riddle whose answers are contained in the physical booklet that accompanied the physical disk upon which the game was stored. If you don’t have a complete walkthrough handy (with the answers to that riddle) or a pdf scan of the original booklet, you will never guess the correct three words, and therefore never finish the game.

Another detail about this game that stands out is that the player character is joined by two other non-player characters who seem to be essential to “puzzle” solutions. While the player does nearly all of the hard work in the game, specific tasks must be delegated to the two companions. SPOILER: as far as I can tell, Erik needs to do all of the weapon-based fighting and Sabrina needs to cast the spells.

In any case, if you’re feeling nostalgic about 80s adventure games, give the original game and this sequel a try. If you have emulators for other computer and game systems, then I also recommend trying the other versions (with color graphics). There’s also a third game in this series, but it was never released for Macs.