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Tour de France

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The Tour was written because of my deep love for cycling. I hope that you enjoy this game and that it causes you to take a deeper interest in cycling, and possibly even causes you to go out and ride a bike.

The Tour is a cross between a simulation game and an arcade game. It simulates the Tour de France of 1994, with the top 20 riders and their teams that actually finished the race. It includes the actual courses from that year with as much detail as possible.

The Read Me is a profusely illustrated Microsoft Word document. For convenience, it's also downloadable separately in a zip file.

Some features (such as the hunger meter) were yet to be implemented as of v1.06b, but no later release is known to exist.

"...and it's Indurain, on the attack!"

Architecture: 68k

There are two versions of the application. One runs on anything from 68020 to PowerPC (non-natively); the other is designed to take advantage of the FPU present on 68040 (but not 68LC040) Macs.