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Tilt - A Game of Medieval Jousting

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Tilt_v1.1.sit (102.68 KB)
MD5: 3ce68a0b0787cd640b9a9db3f8d630ed
For System 1 - 5 - Mac OS 9
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Tilt_1.2.sit (98.59 KB)
MD5: 70fe6736ac93d5e50058466eb400106f
For System 1 - 5 - Mac OS 9
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A rather unique simulation of a medival jousting tournament. The game was co-authored by long-time MacUser magazine Editor-at-Large Neil Shapiro. It is one of the earliest examples of Hypercard games.

Neil Shapiro about his co-author Mike Gilbert and Tilt:

I was the first of us to discover computers, and I got Mike interested in the Apple II and, later, in the Mac. We tried to write our first game together in about 1980 on the Apple II. Well, it didn't work. Neither of us ever had the time or dedication to learn assembly language.

Then came the Macintosh. Well, we tried again. This time with the idea of TILT in mind, using various compiled BASICs. But, no, I just could not get the time I needed to learn the vastness of "Inside Macintosh" to find out where in the ROM all the "goodies" are hidden away. It looked as if we were doomed.

I felt particularly bad as I had spent about six month in developing the various algorithms in the combat tables and Mike had wasted equal time on the preliminary artwork.

Along came HyperCard and Danny Goodman's wonderful book "The Complete HyperCard Handbook". Suddenly, I realized we could do it!

Depending on how you count time, this game took us maybe seven years to do, or perhaps three years, or maybe a year and a half, or the month we actually spent Hypering around.

Architecture: 68k

requires Hypercard