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The Pawn

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pawn.sit (371.52 KB)
MD5: e6c32d8ad73f018e87dfae0c338a075d
For System 1 - 5 - System 6.x
This game works with: Mini vMac

Deposited in a fantasy world wearing an immovable silver wristband, you are caught up in the internal struggles of the land of Kerovnia.

Manuals, copy protection passwords, maps, and other supplementary materials can be downloaded at The Magnetic Scrolls Memorial.

See also: The Guild of Thieves


We're still seeking the Mac version of one other Magnetic Scrolls game, Fish! — can you help?


Architecture: 68k


Daxeria's picture
by Daxeria - 2015, October 5 - 1:46am

@retromac1984: If you have a Mac running OS 9 or earlier with a built-in floppy drive, you can make a disk image using DiskDup. Thanks, we'd really appreciate it!

retromac1984's picture
by retromac1984 - 2015, October 3 - 10:09pm

I have the Guild of Thieves box set with the floppy disc- any ideas on how I can upload it ?

CaryMGVR's picture
by CaryMGVR - 2013, March 26 - 3:51pm

One of the GREATEST moments of my miserable "life" was finding an
utterly pristine copy -- box/floppy/manual -- of this at "Ye Olde Infocom Shoppe" in 2006.
[Yes, I KNOW this is a Magnetic Scrolls game ....]
Then I went to The Bird Sanctuary & read that the guy running the site
was searching the World over for a Macintosh copy of "The Pawn."

So, being the swell guy that I am, I emailed him & said I've one and that if he gave me a mailing address,
I'd send him the floppy so he could copy it and then send it back when he's finished.
He replied that that'd be great & provided me with said mailing address.
In England ....

So, at my own expense, I send him the floppy.
MONTHS go by & there's nary a word, no update & most of all, NO "The Pawn" FLOPPY ....

I finally email back the guy & ask what gives?
He wrote back & haughtily said that, yes, he recieved the disk, made a copy & sent it back to me,
and that if there were any problems, that I was to blame it on the United States postal system ....

To say I was absolutely LIVID does not begin to describe my feelings.
Y'know how sometimes you get so mad you could literally cry?!?
I felt like that ....

Then, miraculosly, I find this here ....
Thank you!, whoever upped this.

PowerBook's picture
by PowerBook - 2011, April 4 - 6:54am

Look at this link for a solution to the broken download link problem :



rainbirdrich's picture
by rainbirdrich - 2011, April 3 - 10:01pm

Is the download link working? I just see an XML error page?

MCP's picture
by MCP - 2011, March 28 - 7:36pm

Thanks for uploading; these Rainbird games are hard to find in their Mac versions. One interesting note; if you look at the font that the menu words are done with, it's the Atari ST system font!