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The Manhole

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Manhole.SIT (2.27 MB)
MD5: 9b3d3b3b6e049c8ee9314adc3b96e38c
For System 6.x
This game works with: SheepShaver, Basilisk II, Mini vMac

The Manhole is a magical, open-ended children's world, designed by the brothers who went on to create "Myst".

Like Cosmic Osmo and Spelunx, The Manhole is notable for having no specific goals or objectives, nor any ending; the object of the game is simply to explore and have fun.

In 1989 The Manhole was re-released on CD. Later, a full-color Masterpiece Edition was also produced.

In 2016, the podcast Ludiphilia produced an audio documentary-style episode on how the Miller brothers created the world of The Manhole.

See also
Cosmic Osmo: available on floppy and CD
Spelunx and the Caves of Mr. Seudo: available in black & white (with splashes of color) and in full-color.

Architecture: 68k

Requires HyperCard Player or HyperCard to run.


IIGS_User's picture
by IIGS_User - 2019, August 10 - 3:39pm

"System 6" only? So this will not run on 7 to 9, probably?

mossy_11's picture
by mossy_11 - 2018, June 28 - 4:54am

I just finished a Manhole 30th anniversary livestream with Robyn Miller, if anyone's interested in learning more about how he and Rand made the game, how he feels about it now, and how it links to Myst.

Replay available on YouTube at

And on my Twitch channel at

papa's picture
by papa - 2014, May 29 - 3:50am

Thanks for the HyperCard primer.

I'd like to get my kids into something like this as the "gateway drug" to programming. Wink

MikeTomTom's picture
by MikeTomTom - 2014, May 29 - 1:41am

How do you quit HyperCard...?

With most Macintosh programs the keyboard command to Quit a running program,
is "Command + Q".

With HyperCard, additional keyboard commands you might like to try, can be:
"Command + H" = Return to the Home Stack
"Command + R" = Show recent cards you've visited (and go to any one of them)
"Command + M" = Show Message window (type one line commands and execute them)

Depending on the current stack you are in, a stack's programmer may have scripted these commands to not execute. "Command + Q" should always work.

Go to last card of the Home Stack, set your user level to 5 (with a full version of HyperCard only, not the Player [exception]) and set Blind Typing to True.

Level 5 in HyperCard allows you to program stacks using HyperTalk and Blind Typing allows you to execute single line commands without evoking the Message Window. For example: A single line command such as "show menubar" (without quote marks) and then Enter or Return key to execute, may be useful in menu-less situations. Again, a stack's programmer may have scripted certain commands & even Blind Typing to not execute.

papa's picture
by papa - 2014, May 29 - 12:34am

How do you quit HyperCard when you're in the middle of one of these stacks? The menu bar gets turned off when the stack is active.

TinaTwice's picture
by TinaTwice - 2012, October 4 - 1:04am

I know it's late, but for those who are having trouble getting this game to work in emulation: The files (Manhole, Manhole 2, Manhole 3...) in the archive are HyperCard files, not disk images. Originally, each file came on its own 800k disk, but it's not really necessary to recreate that structure/format to install the game. If you put all the files on one disk image (more on that in the forums) or copy them to a HD-sized image and put them all in the same directory, the game will run seamlessly so long as you also have HyperCard/HyperCard Player installed. Slowing down the emulation, if you're using Mini vMac, helps the image and sound sync up a little better. It'd be really nice if someone could upload the original disks!

CapNmog's picture
by CapNmog - 2009, October 10 - 6:40pm

can we get the anniversary edition?

Shigerello's picture
by Shigerello - 2009, August 6 - 7:12am

It runs well under Classic environment (though animation is a little bit too fast). The version of HyperCard Player I'm using is 2.1.
BTW, this one is not the colored version as the package pic suggests. It is B&W. Wrong package pic.

P.S. I can prepare the original package pic for B&W, if you ask me.

Anonymous's picture
by Anonymous (not verified) - 2009, June 15 - 7:35pm

I am also having trouble getting it to work. I have the same problem where it is not in the correct format. I have also tried installing hypercard, but it does not work. Any help would be awesome.

Anonymous's picture
by Anonymous (not verified) - 2009, June 8 - 11:22pm

Hey, I can't get this to work.. help? I have Basilisk running OS 7.5.5 and hypercard installed but when I extract the .SIT all the files are in the wrong format? I would really love to get this up and running, can someone help me?

Attila's picture
by Attila - 2009, May 29 - 4:32pm

Someone who knows what a manhole is and doesn't have a dirty mind like you, Anonymous.

Anonymous's picture
by Anonymous (not verified) - 2009, April 25 - 7:26am

Who the hell names a kid's game "Manhole"?