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The Guild of Thieves

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For System 1 - 5 - System 6.x
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This game works with: Mini vMac

Excerpted from The Guild of Thieves Wikipedia article:

The Guild of Thieves is an interactive fiction game by Magnetic Scrolls first published by Rainbird in 1987. The game also takes place in Kerovnia like the previous game The Pawn.

The player's character is "an aspiring member of the infamous Guild of Thieves" and is to steal all the valuables that can be found in and around an island castle. The game features "extremely atmospheric" descriptions and 30 artistic renditions of key locations. Included in the game package are a faux newsletter of the Guild of Thieves titled What Burglar providing instructions and hints for the game, a Bank of Kerovnia Trading Account Card, a guild contract detailing the arrangement between the player's character and the Guild of Thieves and small dice.

Scans of these supplementary materials can be downloaded at The Magnetic Scrolls Memorial.


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by jkheiser - 2015, October 20 - 5:08am

I found this on eBay a couple weeks ago. Only the disk and "Adventure Guide" were included. Click the "Manual" link to download a PDF containing scans of these items. The other package contents can be found elsewhere on the web.