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Tactical Jet Fighter

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Year released:
[www].se [ftp].se [mirror].us [mirror].de (107.81 KB)
MD5: d83d453c7373f9fbed75a171ae261569
For System 1 - 5
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Hardly any record of this title or the company behind it survives, outside of small, text-only ads in the back pages of Mac magazines. In fact, there's no sign that it's ever been mentioned on any newsgroup or message board, let alone received a single professional review. It's strange that such a good-looking, high-framerate 3D game that runs on a mere 128K Mac could draw so little attention, but what's stranger is that it seemingly lacks basic functionality: your plane is indestructible and immaterial. With or without your landing gear, you can never touch the ground, only swoop in and out of it like a show-jumping Graboid.

The image here was made from a non-original floppy which already exhibited this behavior when played on authentic hardware. Given the (scant) evidence, which suggests initial release in 1986, an update to this version in 1987, and a sales push in 1988, it seems less likely that this is a leaked prototype or premature publication than an unauthorized copy hobbled by a cunning anti-piracy mechanism. Still, the situation remains shrouded in mystery.


We would appreciate any help you can provide in diagnosing and repairing this game's collision detection issues.


A help screen listing the controls, which doubles as a pause feature, can be toggled with the slash (question mark) key.

Architecture: 68k

You'll most likely want to reduce the emulation speed; both mission selection and gameplay move too fast by Mini vMac's default.