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Super Jigsaw Puzzles

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MD5: 2af05055f330224864538ba44df05250
For Mac OS X
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For Mac OS X
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For Mac OS X
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Super Jigsaw Puzzles were sold separately as packs. The offiicial Mac versions came as DMG install images containing a Mac Super Jigsaw application. However, many of the DMGs are no longer accessible. So I have substituted the relevant puzzle files from Windows versions of packs for which I cannot find Mac install images. The puzzle files are identical for both Mac and Windows versions and can be inserted manually into a Mac Super Jigsaw application. For Windows versions, multiple sets were automatically installed to be run from within the one application. However, manual installation is required to achieve this with the Mac versions even when Mac install images are available. Instructions on how to do a manual installation are given below.

Each download contains jigsaw packs, serial numbers, as well as a Super Jigsaw application with all of the included packs preinstalled for your convenience.

Download #1 contains Super Jigsaw Puzzles from 2003-2006. Most are from 2003-2004. The packs included are:

DMG install images: Great Art, Flowers, Butterflies, Lighthouses, Medley 2
Puzzle files only: Starter, USA Starter, Variety, Medley, Thomas KInkade, Thomas KInkade's Holiday Special, Anne Geddes-Down in the Garden, Landscapes, Pets, Wyland

Download #2 contains Super Jigsaw Puzzles from 2007-2010. The packs included are:

DMG install images: Adorable Animals 2, Americana, Beach Holiday, Beach Holiday 2, Boats, Caboodle, Puppies, Safari
Puzzle files only: Adorable Animals, Desert Explorer, Desserts!, Retro

Note: There is no serial number available for Jigsaw Boats. If you have a working serial number please post it in a comment and I will revise the download.

Download #3 contains Nickelodeon Super Jigsaw Puzzles dated 2003. They consist of the following packs:

Puzzle files only: Blue's Clues, Dora the Explorer, Fairly OddParents, Jimmy Neutron-Boy Genius, SpongeBob SquarePants

To manually install packs, do the following:

1) Mount any one of the DMG install images and drag the included application to your hard drive. This is the application that you will be installing other packs into. I will call this the “master application”

2) Control click on the master application and select “Show Package Contents”

3) Navigate to the puzzle folder (Contents -> Resources -> puzzles). This folder contains a subfolder of puzzle files corresponding to the pack in the application you are inspecting (master application). Additional subfolders for other packs can be added to the puzzle folder. The original subfolder can even be removed if you wish.

4) To install the puzzles from the application in another DMG, simply add the puzzle subfolder of that application to the puzzle folder of the master application.

5) To install the puzzles that are not embedded in an application, open the "Puzzle files only" folders and copy the subfolders in the included puzzle folder to the puzzle folder of the master application. If a subfolder of the same name already exists within the master application then copy over the contents of the subfolder instead.

Architecture: PPC

Mac OS X 10.1