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Space Garbage Men

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spacegarbagemen.sit (1.06 MB)
MD5: 5b8d5609a569924ab0ed53c745fe17d3
For Mac OS 9
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Space Garbage Men is a fun, straightforward arcade shooter.

It is the 30th century and intergalactic war has rendered the universe an intergalactic waste with radioactive rubbish covering every planet.

As a result of the bad times, the radioactive rubbish is a big source of energy. As a space garbageman, your goal is to acquire as much (on the surface and within the caves) as possible and send it back to the mothership, eliminating anything hostile that may cause hindrance.

Architecture: PPC

V1.3 -- Plays well and fast in Classic mode of Tiger, and Classic mode of older OS X. Almost plays without a GPU in OS 9. Unless it can be tweaked, it'll need hardware OpenGL.