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SimCity 2000 Scenarios Volume 1: Great Disasters

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MD5: 91ea970bb0d993f26255d7953eb88fdb
For System 7.0 - 7.6
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[www].se [ftp].se [mirror].us [mirror].de
This game works with: SheepShaver, Basilisk II, Mini vMac II

SimCity 2000 Scenarios Volume 1: Great Disasters is an expansion pack for SimCity 2000 published not long after the initial release of SimCity 2000 itself. The expansion supplements the original five "scenarios" included with the base release of the game by adding ten more. As is typical for SimCity, each scenario consists of a preconstructed city, a short narrative describing a situation or problem, and a set of one or more conditions the player must satisfy to complete the scenario successfully.

True to the name, most of the scenarios in this collection are centered around some disaster that is triggered at the start of the scenario and the player is tasked with responding to it and then managing the subsequent recovery and reconstruction efforts. Some of the disasters featured, such as the volcanic eruption and nuclear meltdown, are more obscure and otherwise not readily accessible to the player since they do not appear under the disasters menu.


The collection includes the following scenarios:

Atlanta - UFO Invasion!! We don't know if it thinks it's being friendly or what, but it sure is making a mess of downtown!

Chicago - It is near the year 2000 and pollution stinks! Build up industry while reducing pollution.

Davenport - The mighty Mississippi is too big for its britches! Fill sand bags and mop up the mess; you may get your feet wet!

Homestead - This Florida town is hit hard by a hurricane. Fill sandbags, mop up the mess and rebuild your city.

Malibu - A large forest fire is ravaging the hills of Malibu. Stop the fires from spreading, and rebuild the town.

Manhattan - The year 2007. The problem? Nuclear meltdown!! Minimize the damage and clean up the town.

Portland - In the near future, a previously unknown volcano erupts in downtown Portland. And you thought fires were bad!

San Francisco - A large earthquake hits S.F., causing fires to erupt from broken gas mains.

Silicon Valley - The mecca of High Tech develops a new energy source.... Whoops, it malfunctioned! Can you save the Valley?

Washington, D.C. - Thousands of lawyers are running amuck in the Capital City. Round up those hoodlum barristers, before they damage your town!


This set was originally sold separately boxed from the floppy disk version of SimCity on an individual 800k floppy along with a quick-start guide and some other paper inserts. Later on the scenarios were integrated directly into the CD version along with the Urban Renewal Kit.

The original self-extracting archive containing the scenario files distributed on the 800k floppy disk. MacBinary encoded for upload.

MD5: 91EA970BB0D993F26255D7953EB88FDB
SHA256: C22CDED319A2A9F3A0C3272416A884906CB6E67778AB36503E78447DD87750DE

The read me file on the original floppy disk. StuffIt compressed to preserve the file system metadata.

MD5: 302FD0C7CBB03F81350F20FF4D9A83E8
SHA1: 64F2111F99A79A141D4A4191E2501799F8D908DD
SHA256: 6F1D9F7A0F8557C51C6156CB65D351676917E3E28C2789A03ADC4D4D03DFEA18

Scan of the Quick Start card included in the original retail boxed version. The Macintosh and DOS versions both used the same card.

MD5: CC5EB564E32C068DAE31B1C0292D1227
SHA1: 1342600D7521D360B4C95EBF5F1004974092A380
SHA256: 3EDBB71092DD589A6E15136BEC4FE0C906F12DB5A33BB2F9B01A3C15A91B4418

Architecture: 68k PPC


lilliputian's picture
by lilliputian - 2020, October 26 - 1:23am

Thank you! Now just need the Urban Renewal Kit on its own. Smile

Bolkonskij's picture
by Bolkonskij - 2020, October 25 - 7:35am

Very cool addition, I had been waiting for this one to show up. Thanks for uploading, BootSector!

BootSector's picture
by BootSector - 2020, October 25 - 3:35am

My entirely unsubstantiated commentary on this is that the whole product was just an attempted cash-grab by Maxis. Compared to actually developing SimCity 2000, putting this little collection together had to be quite a minor effort; they might have been working on it during the original scenario development or even just spun it off in the middle of the process. They probably figured they could make a quick-and-easy buck just stuffing these in a box and pushing them out the door.

There never was a volume two but numbering this as volume one greatly suggests they were planning on least the possibility of a series of these. I imagine lack-luster sales of Great Disasters quickly put an end to any such notion.