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Shockwave 2: Beyond the Gate

Game screenshot
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Shockwave_2.iso_.sit (463.29 MB)
MD5: aae923ece96cf97219d1965cfce49496
For System 7.0 - 7.6 - Mac OS 9
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The sequel to the 1995 flight combat shmup, Shockwave Assault. Featuring a lot more of... everything, Shockwave 2 is a definite improvement over its predecessor.

When the game sold poorly on the 3DO, EA canceled all the ports for other platforms. The Mac version was almost done however, and was completed within a few weeks. EA sold the rights to publish it to Aztech New Media and it was released in early 1998 as part of their MacPack Blitz compilation.
  — MobyGames

This Mac version was apparently never sold as an individual game.

Architecture: PPC

Type: PowerPC
Mac OS: 7.5 or higher
RAM: 8 MB (4 MB free)
QuickTime 2.1 or better, Sound Manager 3.1

Emulation: Runs in SheepShaver but "VERY" slow.


Daxeria's picture
by Daxeria - 2014, July 20 - 6:26pm

@mrdav: That isn't a standalone copy. The listing specifies that only a CD in a sleeve is for sale, and those box shots are from the 3DO version (the back cover mentions "Flightstick Pro for 3DO" at the bottom).

@iBook_Clamshell: It's EA, so no. Sad (On the other hand, that Moby entry says they sold off the publication rights...?)

iBook_Clamshell's picture
by iBook_Clamshell - 2014, April 16 - 11:25pm

Does anyone have a download link for this?

mrdav's picture
by mrdav - 2014, February 8 - 11:59pm

There was indeed a stand-alone version sold for the Mac, and not just 3DO. Look at the ebay listing here.